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Palm Beach Communities Ready to Ditch “White Supremacy” Image

Aerial view looking west over boca raton florida beach and intracoastal waterway. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – There have been murmurings coming out of the West Boca Community Council and Cobwra, powerful residential groups representing West Boynton and Western Boca Raton, indicating strong pressure from many of their members to come to grips with what they refer to as the “White Supremacy” and the exclusionary appearances of their member communities.

These condos and HOA’s are overly white with merely a small number of blacks or people of color as residents. The word, “racist” has popped up describing these areas. It’s no secret that the many gated, guarded, walled communities in the area spend much to keep out non residents. A few members of these groups have spoken out “suggesting” that 13% of future sales of residences be offered to racial minorities in order to integrate their communities to reach a proper racial balance.

The national scene, after the death of George Floyd and the outpouring of racial rage has energized many in the white community to have misgivings or guilt related to their lifestyles. As such there seems to be a move underway to remedy this injustice. In addition to mandating what appears to be a quota regarding future residents, suggestions have been made to remove guardhouses and the accompanying security personnel at entrances, offering entry to all.

Claims that this will reduce burdensome monthly maintenance might swing some residents to support these proposals. At this point, who knows how homeowners will react to these suggestions. Apparently, both Congresspeople Deutch and Frankel have indicated their support, but not in writing. They are cautious and will hold off until after the election to take a stand.

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