South Florida Fugitive Dies Of Self Inflicted Gunshot After Crash On I-95; Detectives Investigating Connection to Double Homicide In Lantana


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – According to information released from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, as well as information made available through the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, a multi-agency response involving a fugitive from South Florida is currently ongoing north of Florida State Road 207 and I-95.

According to the report, deputies learned of a vehicle traveling northbound on I-95, which was flagged as a violent fleeing felon from an incident in South Florida. Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, which refused, and Stop Sticks were deployed to end any prolonged pursuit. The vehicle reportedly crashed and the suspect apparently sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Fire Rescue is on-scene and was providing Advanced Life Saving measures at last report from the scene.

A full accounting of what each agencies role was at the scene has not yet been determined and investigators from the originating agency are enroute to St. John’s County to coordinate with our Major Crimes Detectives.

Palm Beach County authorities are investigating whether the fugitive is connected to the double homicide in unincorporated Lantana yesterday.

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