COPS: Punta Gorda Woman, 33, Stabs Two During Altercation

Punta Gorda
According to authorities, Sonnoro Diamond Keller, 33, was arrested two counts of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon and false imprisonment of an adult or child under 13.

PUNTA GORDA, FL – Yesterday, July 22, 2020, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to the Hampton Point Apartments located on Luther Road in Punta Gorda in reference to an altercation. Prior to deputies arrival, Sonnoro Diamond Keller, 33, was gathering her belongings to move out of the residence. During this process, the homeowner had returned home expecting for Keller to be gone.

The homeowner had requested assistance from family members to remove the remaining belongings from the home. As they were attempting to remove the television, Keller became enraged and grabbed multiple knives and began swinging them towards the victims. At this time, one of the victims was stabbed approximately three times in the left bicep. The homeowner attempted to intervene and also received lacerations from the suspect swinging the knife.

According to authorities, both victims, children and witnesses were attempting to leave the residence when Keller followed them and proceeded to forcefully pick up of the homeowner and carried her back inside the apartment. One witness was able to escape with the homeowners children to safety.

Shortly after, Keller returned outside with another knife while the homeowner runs from inside the apartment outside, and places herself in front of the other victim to prevent any further injury. At that time, Keller fled the scene.

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When deputies arrived on scene, they were approached by a family member of Sonnoro Kelly. The family member was able to contact Keller via phone and she agreed to meet with deputies. After speaking with Keller, and at the conclusion of the investigation, Keller was arrested two counts of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon and false imprisonment of an adult or child under 13.

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