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Are Our Prisons Fertile Ground for Recruiting Future Jihadists?

Most who are serving time are people who don’t respect authority or the norms of good behavior, and are alienated from society. They, therefore, make a fertile group for the Muslim clerics to spew their anti-American agenda. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Are we stupid or what? Why do we allow a militant group of supposed clerics, representing Islam and preaching their theocratic political ideology, into our prisons to recruit society’s misfits and law-breaking prisoners; in order to recruit future Jihadists who want to do our country and other western countries harm?

Most people who are serving time in prison are generally people who don’t respect authority or the norms of good behavior, and are generally alienated from society. They, therefore, make a fertile group for the Muslim clerics to spew their anti-American (and anti-western civilization) agenda, to these generally unbalanced individuals who hate authority and who want payback to the society who has incarcerated them in prison. Many of the militant converts to Islam today got their training in our prisons and we let that happen. Are we stupid, or what?

No other religion, as far as I know, preaches a violent ideology as does Islam and it’s clerics who are given access to these disgruntled inmates.  Do we let leaders of the KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church into our prisons to preach their hatred? The answer is NO, so why should we give a free pass to these Muslim clerics who do preach hate against the U.S. and other western civilizations? Isn’t that tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater? 

I’m inclined to believe that the ugly head of “political correctness” has raised it’s ominous specter in dealing with Islam. It seems it’s O.K. to trash Christianity and Judaism, but not so with Islam. Members of Islam, around the world, are committed to carrying out heinous crimes in the name of Islam, and many so-called civilized countries turn a blind eye and refuse to clamp down on this inhuman behavior. Why?  Europe, being very liberal in the past, have let hordes of Muslims, from Africa and the Middle East, re-locate into their countries with open arms, and now they are reaping the ill effects of that open door policy as country after country has had to deal with the chaos and disruptive behavior of these formerly welcomed refugees and immigrants. The Muslim populations have exploded and as a result they have started to exert themselves in disruptive ways causing chaos and sometimes violent confrontations with its citizens.

Islam, being a theocratic political ideology, wants to take over the world and impose it’s Sharia Law to all parts of the planet. What better way to get adherents than to radicalize the men and women in our prisons who are more prone to that philosophy of violence and hate? We must be able to monitor what is being taught or preached in our prisons so that no cleric can get “carte blanche” authority to fill the minds of these inmates with hate, so when they are released from prison they become Jihadist soldiers hell bent on causing mayhem and destruction in and on our society. Look at that crazed, Muslim convert person, a couple of years ago in Oklahoma, who stabbed and beheaded a co-worker after he spent a couple of years in prison being converted to Islam. How many more like him are out there waiting to commit crimes in the name of Islam? Are we stupid, or what?

It’s bad enough that we now have two militant Muslims in the U.S. House of Representatives in the names of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Both are rabid anti-Semites, and from what they say can also be classified as anti-American. As more and more Muslims come into this country and settle in communities with large Muslim populations, we’ll see more Muslim elected representatives in both local and federal offices. Again, are we stupid or what?

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