CONSUMER SCAM ALERT: Man Claiming to be Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Detective Requests Payment to Avoid Arrest; Don’t Fall For It

Published Reporter Note: Caller ID and inbound Caller phone numbers can easily be spoofed to appear that they are originating from somewhere they are not. Fraudsters often use Caller ID to make it appear they are calling from a legitimate agency. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

PALM COAST, FL – The Flagler County Sheriff Office (FCSO) has received several complaints regarding phone calls received by a Detective Hamilton, claiming he is employed by the FCSO. The unidentified person advises the citizen that they are part of an ongoing criminal investigation. In one instance the unidentified person ordered the victim to pay a $900.00 “fine” in lieu of being arrested.

The FCSO will never request that a fee be paid in order to avoid arrest. If this ever occurs, it is a scam.

In July of 2018, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office received similar complaints, then from a person posing as a Detective Dennis Rumble. The FCSO does not currently employ and has no record of ever employing any detectives with the names Hamilton or Rumble. Actual FCSO Detectives are currently working to identify the fraudster.

“The criminals that commit these types of acts have no conscience and play to fear and they do not always go by one name or method,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “If you have any question about whether a Deputy Sheriff works for our agency, call us and verify it. We will never ask you for money to avoid jail time or being arrested.”

If a citizen has any question about whether a Deputy or Detective is employed by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, please call 386-313-4911. Any citizen who has been contacted by “Detective Hamilton” is asked to contact us or to submit a tip at [email protected]. Please reference Case Number 2020-66106.

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