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Brooklyn College Going Down the Racism Drain With Affirmative Action Grading, Listening Sessions, Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Brooklyn College
Brooklyn college lawn and clock tower at daytime. Editorial credit: Creative Family /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Brooklyn College (BC), once long ago, was the Ivy League school in NYC for first generation Americans, who though well qualified academically, could not afford the elite, WASP institutions of higher learning that were then also quite exclusionary. Tuition was free but students had to (really) qualify for admission showing super high school GPA’s. Acceptance was based solely on prior achievement and performance. Competition for entry was severe. No favoritism for religion, color of skin, sex or country of origin. Only the best made it. And the four years at the school required rigorous study with tough grading policies. Graduates became our teachers, doctors, lawyers and business-people. They made New York City a dream place in which to live.

Now it’s open season at BC, for anyone to attend. No academic qualifications needed for admission. Unfortunately, most “minority” high school graduates, if you can call them that with a straight face, can barely read and write. 80% of those applicants for the lower requirement for qualification into community colleges failed the entrance exams. But they are accepted anyway, as they have been for years, at BC. This has now caused a problem with minority students whining that they have been given poor grades because of their race. Racism, they say, is the cause of their failures! And who else but BC’s president, Michelle Anderson, agrees. She has issued a proclamation to address these charges. She said the school had “recently raised funds to offer professional development to faculty in classes with the highest racial disparities in outcomes” and the most grades of D or F or withdrawals. She added this threat to those faculty who still have standards of teaching and grading. “We must identify and address the structural obstacles that Black students and students of color more generally face at the College. We need to create stronger systems of support for their academic and career success.”

Of course, this was a relief to students who were accepted at BC with very little academic skills. As well, this was a pat on the back to the less than efforts of black students whose poor study habits were not on the college level. Anderson’s words were not crafted to motivate students to work harder, study longer and strive to achieve success. Rather, they encouraged these kids to continue to flop along shouting slogans of “bias,” “racism” and the “oppression of White Professors” as the causes for their failures.

Her words were an open call for “grade affirmative action” where professors would be intimidated to pass with good grades, minority students who would normally be failed. Let’s be real and understand she is calling for grade inflation, pure and simple. Professors would be drummed out of the school, labeled as racists, for merely doing their jobs. Anderson further blabbered that she would highlight listening sessionswhatever that means, and give greater emphasis on hiring more (less qualified) minority educators and to boost “culturally relevant programs to ensure that we deepen our anti-racist pedagogy.” In other words, professors who fail dumb minority students are “racists.”

BC’s student population is already 75% non-white. Many of its so called graduates will become teachers in the NYC system. They will be hired although basically unqualified for their teaching jobs because of their nonsense diploma from BC and their intimidating minority status. They will then be responsible for the education of mostly minority children. They will eventually be promoted to supervisory jobs within the system and will then hire other unqualified educators in their schools. Do you see the pattern? Dumbing down education in all levels because of the fake “racism” scam will wreak havoc with our entire educational system. Give Brooklyn College President, Michelle Anderson, who is White, a pat on the back for taking both knees on behalf of Black Activism.

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