Sleeping With the Enemy: Democrats with the Socialists

Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Texas Representative Joaquin Castro at a rally in Clint, Texas for Border protections, July 2019. Editorial credit: Grossinger /

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The Democrats are no longer the party of JFK, Scoop Jackson, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan and even Ronald Reagan before he became a Republican. No, the Democrats have “made their bed” with the Marxist/Socialists in conjunction with Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, plus other left leaning party members, mostly in the Congressional Black Caucus. Joe Biden has become one of them, as when Ole Bernie said that Joe Biden would be the most “progressive” president since FDR.  In other words, he would carry the banner for the Democrat Socialists from the White House.

Some might say that Joe Biden is a moderate and always has been, but times have changed and now he is championing all the ideas put forth by the radical fringe of the Democrat Party. It looks like he wants to placate the disillusioned Bernie Sanders supporters into voting for him in November.  In trying that ploy he might just be alienating the main stream Democrats (if there still are any).

Am I just trying to be a partisan alarmist? Well, let’s look at what Joe Biden has proposed.

  1. He is in favor or the Green New Deal and would eventually outlaw fossil fuels.
  2. He believes in a government mandated $15 minimum wage.
  3. He believes we should not restrict illegal immigration and he favors open borders.
  4. He wants to raise the income tax on everyone and to reinstitute restrictive regulations that would stymie business and the economy.
  5. He wants to give free college tuition to anyone and would pay off existing student loans.
  6. He wants to reduce the funds to the police and law enforcement in addition to getting rid of ICE, even as the crime rate is rising exponentially across the country.
  7. He’s in favor of “Sanctuary Cities” and limiting the 2nd Amendment.
  8. He wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.
  9. He believes in abortion up to the time of breech (late term abortion).
  10. And he has proposed the “racist” proposal that he would nominate a woman of color to the Supreme Court, not just the best person, but a person of a specific gender and color. Imagine if a Republican proposed that?

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Besides his showing signs of a cognitive decline, he is being propped up by a cynical Democrat Party and a fawning, biased media who would like for him to be the radical stalking horse for the lefty loons in his party.

If, by some fluke, Biden gets elected, what do you think would happen to the stock market and the economy? What would happen to law and order around the country? And, what would happen to the quality of life, we all enjoy, if he follows the dictates of his fellow Democrat governors and mayors who have wilted under the pressure of the radical domestic terrorists as they merrily cause havoc and disaster around the country?

You might hate or dislike the personality of President Trump, but what is your alternative? Joe Biden? To me, there is only one way of rescuing us from the ravages of the implementation of a Marxist/Socialist form of society, that is to vote for Donald Trump to maintain our life, liberty, and the American way. WAKE UP AMERICA and do the right thing.

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