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Op-Ed: Politically Biased Censorship Absent from Growing Social Media Platform “,” the “Free Speech Social Network”

In my humble opinion, this is all being done to interfere with the 2020 election. Now that we know who is behind these false flag news stories, we have found sites that allow us to express our opinions without fear of being suspended or put in “jail” for a period of time. Editorial credit: klevo /

FORT WORTH, TX – It’s nothing new that us patriots of this country, who are being censored by the main stream media, by paid discreditation shills and fact checkers. It is being reported that Silicon Valley Big Tech sites like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube have developed an extremely noticeable trend of censoring and fact-checking truth disclosing content and pro-Trump/MAGA/Qanon content. They get away with banning, censoring, fact-checking, and removing by claiming it is “hateful speech” or “goes against the site’s policy.” So says the article on Humorous Mathematics a site for Patriots.

This is all being done to interfere with the 2020 Presidential election. Now that we know who is behind all of this false flag news, we have found sites that allow us to express our opinions without fear of being suspended or put in “jail” for a period of time.

Parler touted as a “Free Speech Social Network”, is the new site that free speaking patriots are allowed without fear of being put in jail or suspended. Why is there such divisiveness? After we fled the apps that are controlled, they are now attempting to control what apps you are allowed to download. Are you freaking kidding me? This is what happens when the big boys control all of the media. This is all being done because they are afraid of ‘us’. They are afraid because we undermine them and remove them from the darkness of their shadows.

Free speech is exactly that. Free speech. And it is further stated by Humorous Mathematics that if you ask any active right-wing, MAGA/Trump supporter, or Qanon truther if they have been banned from any subreddits for speaking the truth, almost all of them carry a mental list where they have been permanently banned and thus censored, often without reason.

I have also been the victim of censorship on both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is by far the worst for censorship. Continuing, Humorous Mathematics states that we wear these suspensions and deletions of accounts like a badge of honor. I know I do.

Diamond and Silk, two pro Trump black women are very conservative. Twitter booted them to the curb for their beliefs. This is furthered by the discreditation shills. These shills are literally paid in many cases by either ActBlue, CTR, Shareblue, Media Matters, NATO, or a George Soros subsidiary. Astroturfing government shills also make up 25% of social media comments, aimed at spinning the narrative. The shills try to spin the narrative in the comments section as far away from the truth as possible, I’m sure you have seen it before. They deploy tactics such as: antagonizing, spewing hatred, scoffing, fallacies, gaslighting, wrap-up smears, disinformation, blatant lying, threats, lazy insults, and Anti-Trump/Anti-Q propaganda.

Here are some more links that show how the Barons of Bullshit attempt to shut us down. The truth about fact-checkers is that they are a Democrat Globalist Deep State tool to control the narrative on social media platforms. They are all founded or funded by the same group of corrupt deep state individuals. We have already explored the deceptive Cognizant above thanks to Project Veritas, but let’s take a look at some of the other obvious and annoying fact-checkers.

Now, does any of this surprise you? After all, I’m jus’ sayin’.

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