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Don Lemon Attempts Skit That Backfires When Terry Crews Debates Merit of Black Lives Matter Saying “Very Militant Type Forces” Inside Group


NEW YORK, NY – Terry Crews, the well known black comedian, activist, artist, bodybuilder, and former professional football player appeared on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on Monday and the two wound up getting into an awkward debate about the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Don Lemon brought Crews on to discuss the backlash over his recent tweets regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, where he suggested that Black Lives Matter is morphing into ‘Black Lives Better’ however, the discussion began with Crews explaining that he believes Black Lives Matter is influenced by what he called “very, very militant type forces” inside the group and that he is only issuing a warning because he is identifying what he called “extremes” gone wild.

“When you have the leaders of the Black Lives Movement, who are now talking about, you know, if we do not get our demands, we’re going to burn it down, other black people who are talking about working with other whites, and other races, or being viewed as sell-outs or uncle Toms, you start to understand that you are now being controlled, you are not being treated as love, you are being controlled. When someone wants to control the narrative, and I view it as a very, very dangerous self-righteousness, that was developing that really views themselves as better, almost as a supremist move, where their black lives mean more than mine.”

Lemon had to then get him to stop talking after a while and was sort of stumped where he said “Let me jump in Terry, OK, so let me jump in here, because there is a lot that you said, Umm, you said that Black Lives Matter is, you said it’s an extremist movement?

Watching the entire clip which is approximately eight minutes.

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