Haven’t We Learned Yet? Appeasement Doesn’t Work

A new form of radical domestic terrorists have been sticking their middle finger in the air to the authorities and have been getting away with it due to the weakness of some of our elected officials, most all of whom are Democrats. Photo credit: OLOZANO / Shutterstock.com, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – There’s an old expression that “if you give someone an inch they’ll take a mile”. Well, look at what is happening in our great country today. Radical domestic terrorists have been sticking their middle finger in the air to the authorities and have been getting away with it due to the weakness of some of our elected officials, most all of whom are Democrats.

I presume most of the agitators, arsonists, and pilferers are minimally educated in the history of our country, otherwise they wouldn’t be destroying neighborhoods, monuments, and peaceful communities. If the authorities also had some historical knowledge they’d realize what happened before the start of WW2. British Foreign Secretary, Neville Chamberlain, tried to appease the Nazi Chancellor of Germany, Adolph Hitler, that he shouldn’t expand his National Socialist state by invading other countries in Europe. Hitler promised Chamberlain what he wanted to hear, but it turned out to be a promise written on a worthless piece of paper. When Chamberlain returned home he declared “Peace in our time”, but within a short period of time Hitler began his campaign of conquest of other European countries. Just recently, former President Barack Obama, with the efforts of his Secretary of State John Kerry, tried to appease the rogue regime of Iran to halt their nuclear ambitions by offering billions of dollars in exchange for a promise of ceasing their quest for a nuclear bomb. In both cases appeasement was a complete failure.

We have in our midst a few groups that are programmed to undermine our democratic republic. These groups comprise ideologies on both the left and right. They are ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) on the left, and White Supremacist or White Nationalist groups on the right. As of now, it is the leftist groups that are causing all the havoc and mayhem in our cities around the country. Due to the weakness of the Democrat governors, mayors and town councils, the domestic terrorists have taken it upon themselves to breed racial hatred, religious hatred, and subversive activities aimed at the federal, state, and local governments.

These radical domestic terrorists have invaded and taken over parts of cities across the country much to the dismay of the vast majority of law abiding citizens who are unjustly affected by the activities of these sometimes vicious groups.

Where is the outrage on the part of the Democrats, and even some Republicans (ex: Mitt Romney marching with the BLM thugs)? Using the death of a black man at the hands of the police was a convenient incident that these terrorist groups used to mobilize their “useful idiots” brigade of mostly brainwashed students and young people (18 to 35), who just followed the mob in their illegal activities.

President Trump, who is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, has tried to assist these embattled governors and mayors, but he has been met resistance at every turn. When violence erupted in Washington D.C., he dispatched the National Guard and the mayhem ceased, this against the wishes of the Democrat mayor of D.C. Could it have been politics that raised its ugly head as to why the presidents offers were refused? Of course, is the Pope Catholic?

So, in conclusion, the old adage that “those that don’t remember the past are bound to repeat it” certainly holds true as to what is happening in our country today. Our officials must get a “set of gonads” and face these anarchists at the outset, otherwise they will continue and expand their disruptive behavior in many more cities across the country, especially in Democrat run cities.

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