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Op-Ed: I’m Pissed

A protestor holds a sign that says “Black Lives Matter” in front of a statue to protest the killing of George Floyd. Washington D.C., May 30, 2020, Stephanie Kenner /

FORT WORTH, TX – So the last couple of weeks I’ve been a little silent on matters, not that I wasn’t paying attention but more like contemplating everything I’ve been reading and seeing. I am pissed off. Why? Good question. Let me provide some insight. I am pissed off that a bunch of mental midgets are being controlled by their puppet masters encouraging them to loot and riot. I am pissed off that Antifa and BLM are controlled by George Soros and the DNC and they are using those groups to launder money.

I am pissed off with a bunch of whiny little piss tards that take control of a section of a city and they are hailed as heroes only being made to stand down when the Mayor Durkan decides she has had enough. And then the best part is you made racial barriers. Are you freaking kidding me? You contradicted everything you said you stood for. You should have been deemed an occupying force, arrested, sent to Gitmo to stand a Military trial as a traitor. You know what traitors get, right?

I am pissed that you talk about equality but don’t know a damn thing about it. I am pissed off that you oppressed the people that lived there. But that’s their fault for being the limp pieces of life that they are. I am pissed off that our police officers are being treated like dirt. I wouldn’t blame them if they all walked off the job. Go ahead, defund the police but then who you gonna call, Ghost Busters? I prefer Smith and Wesson or Glock. My safety is my job and you want to get froggy, then you better jump. My colors don’t fad.

I am pissed off that you hairless little nut sacks are too afraid to go into a town and deal with real men and women or take on the Hells Angels or Mongols. Think your tough? Shit, you have no idea what can of whoop ass you’re opening. I am pissed off that your little offended feeling want to erase history and tear down statues of brave men on both sides of the conflict. You only cause more dissention and hate. But we’re smart. We know that is the plan. We read your play book.

I am pissed off that you try to censor us into submission but we will not go away and we will be heard. I am pissed off that you gang up on people, some being old, like the bunch of cowards that you are. Come on, step up to a real man and watch your pathetic little asses get decked out prone. How does that chowder head feel now that it bounced off the pavement?

I am pissed off that you disrespect our President and then raged when we disagreed with a former President. I’m itching for a good fight so bring your best and try to take us down. Just remember you are highly out numbered or did you forget that when you backed down from the residents of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho?

We will not back down. We will support our Military, Police and all First Responders. I hope President Trump gives the order to take you all down and placed in a cage. We will be there to help find you. Don’t go slinking off into the shadows because we will find you there too. And when we do we will deal with you like that rat bastards that you are.

After all, I’m… Jus’ Sayin’

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