Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Announces Online Crime Reporting Process Through Video Conferencing With Zoom Video Communications


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) would like to community to know that you can now file police reports face to face with PBSO Alternate Response Unit or “ARU” using the new zoom application. There are over 30 call types that our staff can take online. These include Burglary to a business, vehicle or construction site incidents, Grand Theft, Trash Dumping, Suspicious Vehicle, Hit and Run, Petty Theft, Traffic Crashes, Civil Matters, Disturbances, Unwanted Guests and more.

There is now no need to call or come into police headquarters or district. To start the process just email the ARU  team at [email protected]. Leave your contact information along with a request for an online face-to-face conference. Our PBSO ARU Desk will then send you an invitation to the phone number or email that you have provided. Click on the link inside the email sent to you by our ARU Unit, select join the meeting and soon you will be face to face with one of our PBSO staff members.

The ARU team will be able to take your full report and provide a case number for any future updates. It is that easy. If you have any questions regarding PBSO online reporting send a ARU Unit and email at [email protected]. PBSO and the Alternate Response Unit are always here to help.

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