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We Must End the Slavery of One-Party Rule


QUEENS, NY – The latest of the cataclysmic social events of the past few months is the devastating summer crime wave which has started hitting hard in our black communities. NYC has seen dozens of recent shootings, and after pressure to defund the police, the plainclothes anti-crime unit was disbanded in mid-June and we are now witnessing the biggest spike in gun violence and murders in decades.  

In his column “Time for Republicans to Give Black Voters a Real Choice” Robert Hornak says that many center-right folks have missed the point when offering the facts to explain away the “pain that real people peacefully protesting are feeling.” While the roots of the historical problem in black communities is deeper than he suggests, it’s a good thing he’s calling for “the larger conversation we need to have on race relations in America.”

This larger conversation presents us with a positive opportunity to work with the black community and welcome them into the Republican Party, the Party of freedom, opportunity, law and order, prosperity, and choice. However, we don’t want to use the language of the extreme left such as “systemic racism” which invariably points the narrative to Republicans and police which couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a smoke screen, covering up the real problems.

Racism is evil, and must be stamped out, but America today is not a racist nation and the Police are not racist. Americans hailing from all races, colors and creeds are on the whole not racist people, and calling America a “racist nation” amounts to a false narrative.  The charge of “racism” is used for the sick obsession to paint a large group with a broad brush, and while there are racist individuals in every group, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the entire group. The evil we are addressing is a much deeper disorder in New York City and the inner cities of America where slums of misery and poverty have been festering for decades.

It’s nothing less than the one-party political monopoly which has dominated these cities for decades and kept black communities down.  The most violent crime ridden and run-down cities in America, including Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and many others have been run by progressive Democrats for decades. These once thriving cities now in ruins, have been ruled by corrupt Democrat politicians who have run them into the ground. 

Although downplayed in our present school history texts, media, and Hollywood, we need to look at the history of the Democratic Party, the “party of slavery,” a party that protected black slavery in the Southern states and spread it into new American territories. With the abolition of slavery following the Civil War, the Democrat Party continued to keep blacks down, legalizing segregation through the Jim Crow laws, which were enacted to marginalize blacks by denying them the right to vote, hold a job and get an education. Southern Democrat vigilante organizations were formed, the most prominent being the Ku Klux Klan, that launched a reign of terror throughout the South targeting blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power.

Despite the deliberate coverup of the historical political sins of the Democrat Party, people are waking up to the underlying truth that Democrats have been using and abusing blacks up until today. It’s all about money and power. President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, costing American taxpayers over $20 trillion, destroyed the black family, kept them in poverty and dependence on government welfare, and funneled money into the hands of corrupt bureaucrats and anti-poverty programs to maintain permanent Democrat Party power and control of America’s cities.

The War on Poverty treasure-trove was milked by the Democrat Party to make sure blacks and disadvantaged groups forever vote Democrat, keeping them in a vicious cycle of dependency on government welfare and the politicians who legislated it. In every Democrat-controlled city rife with crime, bad schools, poor housing, drugs, and gangs, the blame for all manner of social ills and misery can be pinned directly on the Democrat Party and the lack of an alternative voice.

They succeeded in chasing the middle class taxpayers, wealth, Republicans, Conservatives, and political moderates, out of the hell-holes they created and left those too poor to leave no other option than to vote for Democrat politicians, who branded Republicans as the bad guys. Before Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani turned NYC around into the safest large city in America, we who lived through the bad old days, remember the fear, the raging crime and chaos, the graffiti, the crack epidemic, the great city that had been written off as ungovernable. But now we have de Blasio and the leftwing Democrats running our city, giving in to the mob and excoriating our police. Now we see our middle class taxpayers and wealthy New Yorkers running for the exits, our demoralized and disrespected NYPD resigning in droves, as raging crime, murder, chaos, and fear is making a big comeback, hurting our disadvantaged neighbors disproportionately.

Teachers unions are the campaign arm of the Democrat Party, indoctrinating our kids in the public school system to brand Republicans as uncaring, greedy racists, while electioneering, fundraising, and phone-banking for Democrat candidates. Now the UFT wants to remove NYPD school safety officers, predominantly women and minorities, and replace them with their own untrained union members, which is a recipe for mayhem. The UFT, along with college professors, media, textbook publishers, and corporate giants feeding off the poor, are the tools of the Democrat Party to maintain perpetual political power, amass money, and to silence all alternative voices that genuinely want to help black inner-city communities.

These are the real enemies of the people, feeding off black and disadvantaged communities for their own money and power, keeping them living in neglect and squalor, public housing in disrepair, deficient hospitals, deteriorating roads and infrastructure, and terrible schools.  This is the real racism in America, and it’s all about votes for Democrats to keep them in control. Notorious Democrats such as Rep. Greg Meeks, the boss of the Democrat machine in Queens, named one of the most corrupt members of Congress, hasn’t done anything for black communities beside steal money and take lavish junkets around the world.

The police are not the cause of the misery. The call to Defund the Police is a big lie, a big cover-up of the real problem. They created a false narrative and smoke screen to divide us by race. The $1 billion in NYC to defund the NYPD, will never reach the black kids, their families, and their disadvantaged communities.  It will only make their communities less safe, and the money will go into the hands of the Democrat political machine, the fake anti-poverty programs, the billion dollar ThriveNYC mental-health rip-off, the bureaucrats running our schools, hospitals, housing, homeless shelters, phony college classes, and so on.

Not one penny of the billions in profits of the globalist corporate giants from $300 pairs of sneakers, $6 cups of coffee, $1000 iPhones, or $2000 for 80” UHD TVs, that are marketed to target disadvantaged kids and families, ever benefits these communities. The Democrats were thrilled that their corporate allies, Nike and Michael Jordan donated $100 million to Black Lives Matter, a domestic terrorist organization, spearheading the war on cops and law and order, so that black kids continue to get ripped-off buying over-priced Jordan Brand sneakers. Blacks have been used and abused, and fell for the lies and cover ups of the Democrats and their media handmaidens.

We need a two-party system in NYC and cities across America, otherwise with one political party controlling black and disadvantaged communities, their lives and destinies, they are left bereft of choices, deprived of freedom. Freedom is choice, and without it, you are living in slavery. The Democrat Party and urban media has kept them beaten down in slavery. They have become slaves to one party. We must end the slavery of one-party rule.

The only way to save these communities is to give them choice in schools, media, housing, hospitals, and quality of life, period. The biggest choice that’s needed is for alternative voices in other political parties to speak for them. Unless we have a two-party system, the economic and social problems in black and disadvantaged communities will never be solved. There needs to be an opposition party in the cities. The Republican Party is the opposition party which stands for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, choice in schools, vouchers, charter schools, safe communities, and policies that empower all people to get ahead, be self-sufficient, raise their families in safe neighborhoods, achieve their full potential and the American Dream.  The answer is the Republican Party, which is composed of Black, Chinese, Indian, Haitian, Hispanic Americans, and many others, working together, running for office, and building a great loyal opposition party in the cities of America. We are there for you.

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