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Don’t “Defund” the Police, “Defund” the Liberals

George Floyd protests spread across America. Crowds of people demonstrat for human rights and the leftist group Black lives matter. Miami Downtown, FL, USA – MAY 31, 2020. Photo credit: Tverdokhlib /

BOCA RATON, FL — One of the craziest things being proposed by the liberals, and their acolytes in ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter), is the attempt to “defund” or worse, “disband” the police. What are they thinking? Do they think our descent into anarchy would be lessened if their proposals came into fruition?

These anarchist groups, who profess to be Marxist/Socialist oriented, are emboldened by the lack of law enforcement in curtailing their felonious behavior in looting, burning of private and public property, and threatening law abiding citizens. Much of this illegal activity was initiated with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a black man, by a rogue white policeman. In fact, the plot to “overthrow” the United States was in the works for a long time before George Floyd’s death. Those anarchist groups mentioned before, were just waiting for an emotional event, like Floyd’s death, to mobilize by using his death as an excuse to cause mayhem and havoc in Minneapolis and around the country. The “modus operandi” of what these groups have used is just what was spelled out by the Nazi’s and the Soviet’s to come to power. It’s also what the father of community organizing, Saul Alinsky, advocated in his book, “Rules fOr Radicals”, for how to undermine a government and a society they wanted to change.

This anarchist behavior has been sponsored by elitists in both the educational institutions and in the liberal media. Their constituency is mostly made up of young people who have been inoculated and “sold a bill of goods” in our educational system, which instilled in the heads of these young people, that the U.S. was an evil, racist nation which must be changed.

It is a known fact that if you encourage and overlook illegal behavior you will get more illegal behavior. By trying to appease this bad behavior, the politicians have dug themselves a hole they will have difficulty getting out of. This brings up the following saying that “Those who don’t remember the past are bound to repeat it”. These anarchists don’t respond to weakness, they will only retreat when force is used to prevent their felonious behavior.

In case you haven’t already noticed, most all the states and cities where the anarchists have run wild and invaded, are states and cities run by liberal Democrats. Not only are these states and cities run poorly by being financially irresponsible, they have also been lax in enforcing the laws regarding crimes and criminals. In many of these states and cities, the elected politicians have not backed up their police, they have let inmates out of the jails for dubious reasons, they have done away with bail, even for repeat offenders, and have let these offenders, some with violent backgrounds, back into society, many to resume their criminal behavior against law abiding citizens.

When will all this nonsense stop and law and order prevail again? It is in the hands of the politicians who run these states and cities. These weak politicians must “grow a set of gonads” and exert their authority to bring common sense back by enforcing the law. They can’t let the “Animals run the zoo”. That is a recipe for disaster. President Trump has offered the help of the federal government to these state and local politicians in bringing law and order back into their communities.  It is up to them to work with the federal government to stem the flow of disruptive and illegal behavior from becoming worse than what has already happened.

So, let’s not “defund” the police, let’s “defund” the liberals. That’s the common sense we need in this time of turmoil and violent bad behavior.

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