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The Revolution of 2020: Testing The Bounds of A New Civil War In America

Protests in Seattle, Seattle, WA, United States, May 30th, 2020. Make no mistake about it, this is a test case; a mini Civil War. These raggedy-Anne, homeless, drug addicted thugs, led by the nose and used by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leaders as cannon fodder, have seceded from this nation. Photo credit: Cameron Thomsen /

BOCA RATON, FL – Only in America, or rather, only in the new, radicalized America can a group of ignorant, unemployed, thuggish kids, barely out of diapers, led by the anarchists of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, take over and occupy a large chunk of a major city with the overt support of its mayor and police chief, yet have that state’s governor publicly claim ignorance of the situation. No, it’s not the scenario of a Mel Brooks movie, it’s happening right now in Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington. The area’s leaders are now probably getting the necessary papers together to submit to the United Nations for acceptance into the world community as an independent country. This new “nation,” originally named “CHAZ” by its founding, pardon the sexist word, “fathers,” has been renamed “CHOP.” A mouth watering name if there ever was one. The words, “medium” or “well done,” come to mind.

Its history: Over two weeks ago, violent demonstrators overwhelmed Seattle’s frustrated police officers who were ordered to be stationery, immobile, impotent. After the occupation, that area was gleefully described by the New York Times as, “now a homeland for racial justice.” We assume then, that CHOP is getting close to emulating the Eden-like atmosphere found in Havana. The city’s police station, abandoned by its occupants, as Gen. MacArthur did with Manila way back in WWII has a new welcoming sign, “The Peoples’ Station.” Is this a pattern for the disruption that these domestic terrorists plan to use to sabotage the upcoming election in November? If it appears a snap for them to shut down a major city, how easy would it be for them to shut down polling places throughout the country at a given signal from above? What then?

This is total madness. President Trump, fearing that the spineless reaction of Seattle’s Mayor and the state’s governor might encourage other cities to become similar virtual autonomous homeless shelters, ordered these officials to “Take the city back now!” He referred to the occupiers rightly, as “ugly anarchists.” Of course, Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, told Trump to “go back to your bunker!” She’s as happy as, you know what, to have part of her own city run by hooligans. Her police no longer patrol and maintain order in the city. Its firefighters must get permission to enter this zone from the warlords in charge. These shameful elected Seattle and state officials have to be removed from office. They are condoning outright terrorism. Lives are at stake. There is very little news from the storekeepers and businesses in this “hell” as to their safety and the obvious looting. Porta potties have been sent in by the caring city of Seattle. Who cleans them out? Where does the garbage (not referring to the occupiers, of course) go? Is the normal routine of tax collection ongoing? Pay taxes to whom; for what? No official has tried to personally monitor the safety and security of those helpless citizens within the borders of CHOPS. Many are aged and in need of medical care and visits from relatives. They are now being held hostage by these terrorists. Will ransoms be demanded for their release? The news media is being closely monitored by the terrorists and only those such as CNN and MSNBC, who promote this insanity are allowed in. These thugs have created border entry points manned by heavily armed guards, limiting entry only to those they approve of. These are same people who oppose our border wall with Mexico and who call for gun control. What rule of law is being followed and maintained within CHOP’s borders?

Make no mistake about it, this is a test case; a mini Civil War. These raggedy-Anne, homeless, drug addicted thugs, led by the nose and used by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leaders as cannon fodder, have seceded from this nation. They claim independence from the city, state and nation. This is illegal. However, these “protesters” have the media and the nation’s Progressive leaders totally behind them. This revolution can and surely will expand nationwide as long as they can get away with this anarchy and get support of cheering Progressive mayors, governors and other similar revolutionary supporting, Left leaning politicos. 

Seattle and its home state of Washington must immediately re-take this secessionist area from these revolutionaries before it’s too late. By force, if necessary. Similar anarchist motivated rebels around the country are closely and patiently watching. They’re awaiting the signal to revolt.

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