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Op-Ed: Where Are We Headed?

A breadline during rationing in the Soviet Union between 1929 and 1935. Rations of bread and other food products such as sugar, tea, oil, butter, meat, fish and eggs were supplied to workers by assigning them ration cards which were given only to people employed in state-owned industries and their family members; social categories of people without political rights were deprived of all rations.

FORT WORTH, TX – Over the last couple of weeks we, as a Country, have been experiencing turmoil that we have never seen since the American Revolution and the Civil War. I mention these two conflicts only because they were fought on our soil. We were a young people and nation. We fought against the tyranny of the most powerful Country in the world, England for unjust taxation.

We defeated them with a rag tag bunch of soldiers, many who didn’t have shoes or boots for their feet in the cold weather at Valley Force while preparing for the crossing of the Delaware. The sun set and rose on the British Empire and we wanted our freedom. We chose not to be loyal subjects different from the indigenous people whose lands the British already subjugated.

Liberals today condemn the past saying that we dominated the indigenous Indians, whom by the way stole it from the previous people that inhabited this land. We created a Nation we could call our own. Or Nation started with thirteen colonies. Our ancestors argued and fought tooth and nail over every single word or phrase as to how this Country should form its government. They agonized over the size of the government and how much power the states should have. In the end they agreed on a Constitutional Republic, small Federal government with the states holding the real power. Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Franklin’s words are coming back to bite us in the butt. One cannot fail to see the irony that the states now hold extraordinarily little power and the federal government has become a monolith of power and stagnation. Legislators remain in power for years and end up retiring with gold plate retirement plans and a pension including full pay and health care.

If Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Washington were to come back, they would be appalled at what we have let this country become. Surely they would call for a Constitutional Convention of the States. limiting terms for politicians, decrease in taxes and limiting the size of the over burdensome, bloated Federal government. If that didn’t work, I think we all know what would come next.

They never intended for the federal government to be the bloated behemoth it’s grown into. Most of the powers were granted to the states and the representatives were not supposed to meet all year round in Washington collecting ridiculous salaries, over staffed and retirements of which the average American can only dream.

Today we have people like Nancy Pelosi flying all over the Country in a private jet that we pay for and her district is in shambles. But I am digressing.

Right now we have a city, Seattle, that has several square blocks that is secured as an anonymous zone of so called free people. The one thing these people forgot to figure in there plan was how to get food and water. They are extorting the shop owners who remain open and brandish weapons to back up their demands and check ID’s of people coming into the area. I say let them starve.

Why are we allowing them to hold those people hostage? It is beyond me. Personally, I think they should be declared an enemy occupying force and dealt with swiftly and surgically by our US military. What, you say? We can’t move against our own citizens? When they act as they have the President has powers to deputize troops as US Marshalls or use the National Guard. He needs to do this regardless of what the state government says and teach these dissenters once and for all that we will not lay down.

Most of you have no clue that the money that is sent to BLM and Antifa is not getting to them and they are beginning to question it. But it is alleged that the money is being washed through these groups to clean money for the Democrat National Convention.

BLM and Antifa are also connected to another radical group called the Sunrise Movement. All of you would be wise to see what they are teaching our kids. They want them to be the next generation of soldiers to take over America. Below is a video example.

Minneapolis was a stepping stone which was planned months way before George Floyd was killed. Does it stink of a set up? You bet. An undercover operation was conducted into this for over two years. Did you know DeBlasio also came out in favor of confiscation of privately owned property? Of course you haven’t because it is not reported on by the lame stream media.

The Sunrise Movement, which is mentioned in the above video, want privileged whites kids on the front lines of escalation. Yes, the disposables, your kids.

Hot on the heels of this is Aaron Berger the owner of Asymmetric Solutions. Kids are being trained in armed conflict, Cyber Security and Global Strategies. They are in bed with the Sunrise Movement and BLM. And where does all of this bring us? Why it is the New Green Deal. Climate change is being blamed on White People. Before you look to leap into the New Normal do a little work for yourself. This New Green Order is for No Police, No Borders, No Industry, No Wealth, No Privilege, and No Economy. This is all based on Communism to get the New Green Deal.

It’s your choice folks. If you choose to be a sheep that is led to slaughter, or will you be a sheepdog? Enjoy your wait in line for that loaf of stale bread but for me I will choose to be the Sheepdog and stand with my fellow patriots. After all, I’m…

Jus’ Sayin’

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