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Op-Ed: Why We Aren’t Succeeding

When I lived in Buffalo, NY, I had a very dear friend. She could hold you dear and still remember you after so many years and your conversation could pick up where the two of you left off. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

FORT WORTH, TX – When I lived in Buffalo, NY, I had a very dear friend. She could hold you dear and still remember you after so many years and your conversation could pick up where the two of you left off. Put a hair across her behind and she wouldn’t hold back giving you a peace of her mind. She was a woman of many talents, intelligent, succeeded by her own hard work and had a smile as big as all of Texas. Yes, sir, she was self-made and had a voice as smooth as silk.

A while back some one asked this woman, who asked for her true name to be withed and to share only her answer if I wished to do so, about their culture. You will gather what culture they are speaking of in a moment. Here is the comment posed to her as well as her response. It seems appropriate for these days with all that has happened of late.

The Question: “We had Black Wall Street… Burned to the ground… There will always be standouts in our community because we have to be twice as good at everything just to play the game… My question to you is this… Civil Rights Legislation was passed over 50 years ago, what has really changed? There is Oprah but no Winfrey’s. There is Michael, but no Jordan’s. There are The Trumps, The Kennedys, The Rockefellers and it goes on and on built on the backs of slave laborers. It’s time for America to look at some hard truths and this generation, they want change real change… By any means necessary”

The Response: “It isn’t white peoples’ fault that we don’t have wealth and family dynasties. It’s OUR OWN fault. For the same reasons that we aren’t ANYWHERE where the money is. WE DON’T KNOW HOW. And we often don’t try to. Do YOU know how to be rich? We aren’t taught, and it’s well documented that we don’t know how and haven’t been taught, to aspire. Even Michelle O will tell you how she was brutalized by black children in school because she was intelligent and aspirational”

“I was antagonized in school because I wasn’t inclined to butcher the English language the way the other black kids did. For two years they followed me home just to be ominous. They used to wait for me outside my class window, until my teachers starting to have to drive me home. Can you imagine. My own people trying to intimidate me into mediocrity.”


“How can we be expected to achieve when we aren’t given the tools, by the people that are expected to be our parents and guardians. They don’t have the tools either.”

“It’s not part of our culture to know anything. I was raised, almost every day of my life, not to sass white people. My grandparents were deathly afraid of being hung from a tree. It wouldn’t have mattered if there wasn’t one single tree in Queens. To this day I panic when I have to have a conversation with someone.”

“We don’t have a legacy of anything but fear and separation. Did you ever equate the whole baby-mama baby-daddy culture, to slavery? People don’t think much about what happened in your family, and how it repeats down the line. The only thing I learned in our household was how to run it. Do you think that perhaps the women in my family were “House Negroes”? Because that’s what I think. I was not taught one other thing about who to be, or how to get there. But I DO know how to fold clothing properly and clean an iron.”

“We have every opportunity to become Oprah or Michael or any of the others. But we don’t have the skills, and rather than work hard to develop the kind of people that built Black Wall Street, we sink and fade. We become our human selves, and by that I mean we blame other people for our problems, and we demand reparations.”

“White people today are giving us every chance. They pick up our quirky speech patterns, they love our music, they’ve given us BILLIONS in social welfare, and I guarantee they are anxious to accept us. But it is human nature to accept new people that are on the same page. And we are not.”

Seems fitting for the times and true to the point, doesn’t it? With the violence, deaths on both sides of this issue, senseless looting and burning of our neighborhoods, censorship by Google, Twitter and Facebook filtering out opinions that don’t see eye to eye with their standards, isn’t it about time that everyone takes a step back? Take a deep breath and let the common sense flow again? Then again, I’m…

Jus’ Sayin’

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