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Who Are The Racial Arsonists?

People are protesting and rioting in Downtown Miami, FL, May 31, 2020 over the death of George Floyd who was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis. Editorial credit: Tverdokhlib /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The word “racism” is bandied about like it is infused in everything we do or say. This word, is used to quell dissent, by outraged citizens, against the people who shout this epithet, “racist” over and over again. Does racism exist? Yes, but to what extent and who are the people who practice it? Is it “endemic” in our society? In some quarters of our society, it seems that no matter what, the word “racism” is used to convey what went wrong. By being used when it has no place in our dialogue, it has lost much of its meaning. It’s like the “boy who cried wolf”, by using the word racism (or racist) when it doesn’t apply, therefore, it has lost much of its true meaning.

As usual, the “racial arsonists”, which include the usual suspects, both individuals and organizations, include Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (I avoided using the term “Reverend” when mentioning them for obvious reasons), the ACLU, the NAACP, Louis Farrakhan, Southern Poverty Law Center, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib etc. etc. It seems these people and groups can’t say anything without using the term “racism” in some form or another. Even white leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer have joined the “racial arsonist” crowd hoping to appease their base constituency.

The chant resonating today is that we should “defund” the police and spend that money on social justice reforms, like that will solve the problem of perceived “police racism”, a term that cannot be justified by the facts compiled by the FBI and Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute.  The canard that the police are engaged in “systematic racism” does not take into account that the police officer is 18 ½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is killed by a police officer.  Carrying out the logic of the “racial arsonist” mob to its ridiculous extreme, couldn’t that be called “black racism”?

Just recently, during the supposed “protest” mourning of the death of George Floyd, the police in New York City had over fifty injuries trying to keep the peace during the so-called “peaceful protests” that were hijacked by the George Soros funded anarchists. This violence was not spontaneous, it was a continuation of the violence perpetrated by these groups over the past years. The news media and the “faux” leaders used the term “peaceful protests” to champion their cause by overlooking the damage and personal assaults perpetrated in the name of George Floyd. Is that a way to mourn a death, I don’t think so.

The “racial arsonists” just didn’t appear out of nowhere when George Floyd was killed, it was just a very convenient event that prompted the anarchists to mobilize for action. The death of Floyd was just an excuse to put their felonious actions into play around the country. They were just waiting in the wings “licking their chops” that this unfortunate killing would be the mobilizing catalyst to attack the foundations of our country. Do the people razing, and fire bombing buildings and looting stores like Target, Home Depot, jewelry stores and restaurants etc., many of them owned by minorities, think that they actually helped their cause?

The “racial arsonists” are the one’s with “blood on their hands”, not the police. Can you imagine, as impotent as most police performed (at the direction of mostly Democrat governors and mayors), what would it have been like without their presence? Yet, President Trump gets beat up by the media in trying to maintain peace and order. We can’t let the “racial arsonists” win or we’ll become another banana republic. Move over Cuba and Venezuela if the “racial arsonists” get their way by destroying our republic.

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