The Rapture: How We Know We Are ‘This Close!’

So how close are we to this blessed Rapture event? Well, those of us who have been following Bible Prophecy find ourselves simply saturated in the sights, sounds, and smells of it. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

WISCONSIN – “You Christians are always talking on End Times,” people admonish us. But that’s just not so. Instead, what we’re actually speaking on is the Rapture of God’s Church…His Church of Believers on Christ…Believers that Christ is the Son of God Who died for our sins and rose again.

And this does not involve the end of the world. The Rapture, in reality, is followed by a seven-year Tribulation period – which is then followed by 1,000 years of ‘Peace on Earth,’ with Jesus Christ ruling this world.

So how close are we to this blessed Rapture event? Well, those of us who have been following Bible Prophecy find ourselves simply saturated in the sights, sounds, and smells of it. Yes, we are drenched in what some may call the ‘pre-Rapture’ showdown. If this were a blockbuster movie, we’d perhaps assemble these pre-Rapture events into one heck of a gloriously breathtaking ‘movie trailer.’

Indeed, right before our very eyes, Bible Prophecy plunges ahead full throttle – a freight train at breakneck speed. And this of course involves the associated ‘birth pangs’ coming closer and closer together, in keeping with Scripture’s foretelling – several of which stand out among the rest.

First of all, Israel, referred to in Scripture as ‘the fig tree,’ is back in their land and prospering. Though scattered to the nations in 70 A.D., Israel never ceased to exist as a people – as opposed to all other ancient groups. Ezekiel 36 foretold God bringing Israel back from all lands in His ‘vision of the dry bones,’ which miraculously took place within the prophesied 24-hour period on May 14, 1948.

The Bible adds that all end time events will occur during the generation of this re-gathering of the fig tree – and Psalms 90:10 refers to a generation as 70 to 80 years. Let that settle in.

Also, bear in mind that this re-gathering was thee sign, amongst all other signs, that Jesus stressed as the most important one to watch for when He answered the disciples’ question on what to look for prior to the end times.

Secondly, Russia has returned to the Middle East to go against Israel. Russia pretends to be helping Iran and Syria, but the truth is simply that they want Israel’s abundant gas reserves. In fact, Russia has established a large military base at Tarsus in Turkey, close to Israel’s huge recent natural gas find called ‘Leviathin’ – a gas find that represents one of the largest in the world.

You see, Russia had been supplying about 40 percent of Europe’s gas supply, but with this new Leviathin gas discovery, Israel presently is working on an East Mediterranean Pipeline Project – the largest and deepest pipeline in the world. And this pipeline, which comes out of Haifa, could well supply all of the European needs. Hence, Russia’s ‘sudden’ interest near this gas find.

Also of extreme significance, Israel’s gas discovery looks to be the ‘hook in the jaw’ referred to in the Bible that will draw Russia into the upcoming War of Gog and Magog – during which Ezekiel 38 tells us that five-sixths of the nations that go against Israel will be annihilated. These nations that war against Israel involve Russia, Iran, and several other countries. The other one-sixth of these nations left over from the mass destruction will then return to Russia, where God will bring down fire upon them.

Thirdly, in getting back to the bullet points that indicate the rapid unfolding of Bible Prophecy, Iran is extremely upset about United States sanctions. Iran, we remember, had the stiffest sanctions ever imposed upon them by the U.S. enacted in November, 2018 due to Iran’s supplying of weapons to the terrorist group Hezbollah in the Golan Heights.

Most recently, we’ve seen yet another round of U.S. sanctions inflicted upon Iran’s energy, shipping/shipbuilding, and economy – the latter of which involves the Central Bank of Iran and the National Development Fund of Iran. This bank represents Iran’s last remaining source of funds.

Not surprisingly, Iran has said that it will not stand for these sanctions – and has even at times brazenly called for the destruction of Israel. This would indicate another huge step in prophecy toward the imminent Rapture, which will usher in the wrathful times of the Tribulation on Earth.

And as a sidebar, let’s not forget the fact that Turkey, where the early Church actually began, has turned against Israel just within the last several years. To be sure, in January of 2015, Turkey declared war on Israel, thus putting the final piece of the puzzle into place in terms of surrounding enemy countries prophesied to turn against Israel – another major ‘birth pang.’ We also see that Turkey has gone from a democracy to a dictatorship type of government.

As well, China further moves Bible prophecy along, as this country recently joined forces with Russia. Keeping in mind that over the past decade China has regressed to where it is once again much more autocratic and Communistic in nature, adhering very strictly to Marxism-Leninism, this is undeniably yet another considerable development – especially when one notes that China has the world’s second largest economy.

And a whole other massive platform also opens up when considering the one-world government now being promoted full force on the world stage. This concept is accompanied by global support for a one-world religion as well, substantially aided and abetted by even Pope Francis, as leader of the Catholic Church – and by Rick Warren, as leader of the Evangelical Christian Church.

Along with these two globally-championed schemes, we also see international backing for a one-world economy. In fact, a one-world currency called the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is already being pushed vehemently. Thus, we see that the entire three legs of politics, religion, and economics are finally coming together as prophesied in Scripture.

Our Lord’s Word also foretold other events to watch for, including the rampant increase in information, which is now quite obvious as evidenced by our smart phone addiction; the increase in social unrest and lawlessness, as we see every night on our favorite news channel; and the systemic removal of God from every social platform, as noted in the fact that 87 percent of kids who go to college end up disavowing their religion as a result of the anti-God agenda promoted in most of these institutions.

But there’s more. And this is where our interest is piqued even further. Now, we know that Revelation translates to ‘the revealing,’ as relates to Jesus Christ. And so in light of the times, this brings a compelling question to mind: Are we presently seeing a multitude of ‘pre-Revelation,’ or ‘pre-revealing,’ events occurring now in real-time?

Well, let’s take a look at certain recent developments that definitely point to a revealing of many facets of evil in this world – evil that up until now has been covered up for many decades.

That list of pervasive iniquity includes the recent uncovering of: the scandal in the Catholic Church as relates to sexual sins by those in the clergy, the scandal in Hollywood that encompasses the ‘Me-Too’ movement, the cheating that has gone on in the college admissions area, the corruption in so many governmental departments of nonelected officials in the ‘Deep State’ where they tried to subvert the will of the people and instead ran things themselves autocratically, the collusion of much of the news media that results in a spewing of propaganda that would make the late Walter Cronkite shudder, the selling by pharma companies of drugs illegally to profit on folks’ addictions and spread the current heroin epidemic, the corruption in big tech companies that will do anything to profit from folks and anything to sway their political opinions including spying on these United States citizens, the child sex trafficking rings that we now see regularly…the list goes on and on.

Suddenly, so much of the evil in this Country and in the whole world is being revealed as it has never been before. Even, or shall we say especially, the rich and famous are being exposed in untold numbers – whereas they used to be given an easy pass on their debauchery. Surely we’ve all noticed this sudden and transparent disclosure of so many areas of pure filth that used to be accepted as status quo.

Could this be a ‘pre-revealing,’ plain and simple? Could it be the start of ‘truth being revealed,’ a precursor to the Rapture and subsequent Tribulation period? It sure seems like something to consider.

Now the Bible does make clear that all prophecy that has yet to take place prior to the Rapture has already taken place. We even see the prophetic reference to what will happen to the Church in the latter days already happening right before our very eyes – that being the ‘falling away’ from the faith, which is an indication that spiritual warfare is drawing people away from sound doctrine toward a doctrine of demons and toward things that people want to hear. They call it a ‘progressive doctrine,’ but this false doctrine only spreads vile lies of the Devil.

Further, we know from Scripture that immediately prior to the Rapture, there will be a time of ‘normalcy’ concerning life, like it was during the ‘days of Noah’ – such as folks going about getting married and doing business as usual. We also see this happening currently – another probable ushering in of the Rapture, as the Rapture cannot happen during the wrath of the Tribulation, when things are far from ‘normal.’

Hence, this pre-revealing of evil premise would fit in quite nicely with the imminent, ‘any-day-now,’ nature of the Rapture. And although we are told that no one knows the day or the hour of the Rapture, the Bible also tells us that we are to watch for the signs, to not be caught unaware.

Well, these prophesied signs are certainly upon us this day, and resoundingly so, as we see exceedingly perilous times descend with a boldness not seen before. Unadulterated and unprecedented evil is now front and center in a way that cannot be denied.

And thus many of us yearn for the blessed Rapture by Our Lord and Savior. We are well versed in the fact that this glorious event will bring about hundreds of millions of Believers in Christ being taken up to Heaven suddenly – after which anarchy and marshal law will break out very quickly for those unbelievers who remain to witness God’s Tribulation period of ‘Wrath on Earth.’

For now, though, we bide our time patiently. As we eagerly anticipate everlasting fellowship with Our Lord in Heaven, we continue on obediently in His Word, endeavoring to gain in wisdom, as instructed.

We also persist in following God and doing His will for us, with perseverance – most importantly we focus upon winning souls for His Kingdom by spreading His Powerful Gospel, as Jesus instructed when He departed on the Mount of Olives. We also make sure to participate in fellowship with Believers even more so now, as the Bible teaches us – and also to continue to take Communion and to abide in prayer.

Yet, amidst all of it, we continue to revel in feelings of thrilling anticipation and joy…even with the very breath of evil pouring down upon our necks in this fallen world. Indeed, we who yearn to see Our Lord face to face hungrily await ‘The Last Trump,’ where the Bible tells us that “…the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God….” (1Thessalonians 4:16).

This will be Our Lord’s last call to mankind…His Blessed and Almighty Last Summons – at which time Our Amazing God will say “Come Up Here” to we Believers in Christ. It will embody the most wonderful conclusion to God’s First Trumpet Call on Mt. Sinai when the Law was given – both trumpet calls of course accompanied by the audible voice of Almighty God.

And so we see that things on Earth are not actually falling apart. Oh no! Rather, we recognize that they are merely falling together – and so very quickly at that. Therefore, do not tarry or get caught up in the things of this world. Remember to touch them ever so lightly, keeping your center trustingly focused upon Our Lord. Become absolutely obsessed with Him!

Do this for the very fact that according to God’s Eternal Timepiece, we are now fast approaching the final scene on this Earthly adventure…yes, the final countdown in all of its Glory. As our eyes hesitantly steal a glance at the exact time noted on this Timepiece of Truth and Prophecy, our gaze immediately locks onto its clear and pulsating message, where we are startled to read the portentous warning ‘A Quarter to Midnight.’

Yes, my fellow Believers in Christ: The chess game is now set, the players are in place, and ‘The Curtain is about to Rise!”

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