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California Woman Writes Impassioned Plea to House Speaker Pelosi Decrying Feud with Trump During National Health Crisis

The emotion in Rutter’s letter was more than apparent, and while she certainly didn’t mince her words, she also made a passionate plea for a partisan effort in government – something that is almost unheard of lately – to get the country she obviously loves a great deal back on track to seeing better days. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

SACRAMENTO, CA – California resident Paula Marie Rutter raised some eyebrows when she penned an impassioned letter to the congressional representative of her state, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and lambasted her for what she described as “anti-American” behavior as it pertains to her opposition to President Donald Trump. Rutter also went on to note other perceived slights on the part of Pelosi – and Democrats in general – against the Constitution and the citizens of the United States, already suffering under the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic upheaval that has left millions out of work.

The emotion in Rutter’s letter was more than apparent, and while she certainly didn’t mince her words, she also made a passionate plea for a partisan effort in government – something that is almost unheard of lately – to get the country she obviously loves a great deal back on track to seeing better days.

However, Rutter has yet to receive a response to her letter, and more than likely doesn’t expect to.

Rutter is a former marketing and sales executive and now a housewife; her first husband, a police officer, passed away a number of years ago in a tragic accident, and she has since picked up the pieces – as best as anyone could under those harrowing circumstances – and remarried. She has three children – one from her previous marriage, and two step-children – and fully identifies as being a third generation Italian American Catholic as well as a life-long Republican, conservative, and capitalist.

She is also a very staunch supporter of President Trump, mainly due to his status more as of a business man than a politician in Washington prior to his run for the highest office in the land in 2016.

“I voted for him, I support him….do I think he’s flowery and pretty? No. But I voted for him because he’s not a politician…he’s a sage businessman” she said. “Sure, he may have filed for bankruptcy, but there have been time in my life where I made a lot of money and I was still broke at the end of the month. Life happens and things don’t always work out as planned, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t pull himself up by his bootstraps and turn it around.”

Rutter noted that her worldview was shaped at a very young age by her family, who instilled upon her the values of hard work and conservatism. As she grew older and started making her way in the world, she encountered many significant events that continued to influence her political leanings.

“I’ve always been a hard worker…I worked three jobs to put myself through school, and I really wanted to keep as much money as possible. And even in the 80’s, when I first began voting, I didn’t see the Democrat party as being the party that would support people keeping more of their money. It left a bad taste in my mouth,” she said. “As I got older, I lived though the Clinton years, I watched both George Bushes, but the real catalyst for me to get more involved in politics was 9/11…I watched our country come together and unify under horrific circumstances and that really altered my perception.”

Another turning point for Rutter’s increased involvement in politics, she said, came with the election of Barack Obama to the office of President in 2008.

“I thought he was just a little too slick for my taste, and I eventually realized why I didn’t trust him was because his actions were contrary to what he said. Executive order after Executive order without any pushback from the House or Senate really turned my stomach. And for eight years, I watched our country suffer,” she said. “This country had an economic downfall, and I have family members and friends that lost their homes along with millions of other people. I watched him give money and weapons to our enemies.”

Rutter said that she also began to feel that the Democratic leaders in her own home state of California were also not living up to their responsibilities of serving their constituents’ best interests. And it was then that the seed would be planted which would drive her to write her letter to Congresswoman Pelosi.

“Democrats like Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris…in my mind’s eye, they represent everything that is wrong in the state of California,” she said. “California was an oasis when I was growing up there in the 60’s…I’ve traveled all over the United States and seen a lot of beautiful things, but there was no place like home. But in 2008, that all changed.”

It was at that point, Rutter said, that she felt things began to change in her beloved home state.

“Due to the Hollywood faction, California has been predominantly liberal for the majority of my lifetime. That said, there were large pockets of conservatives statewide. For example, despite having great empathy for the desire to immigrate, I do not support “illegal” immigration and the subsidies that they can take advantage of that U.S. citizens generally do not,” she said. “Nancy Pelosi promotes that, and due to California’s huge homeless and mental health problem, when there are people dying in streets strewn with hypodermic needles and disease is running rampant, there’s a problem.”

The final straw that inspired her to write in, Rutter said, was broken during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic when her best friend’s husband passed away from COVID-19. Rutter noted that she felt that Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing feud with President Trump was detrimental to both her state and her country during such a time of national crisis.

“I had watched her dissonance and hatred for Donald Trump for three years, and yes, he’s not everybody’s cup of tea,” she said. “But as a conservative, Catholic Republican, I can’t say what he’s done in three years for America hasn’t been short of phenomenal. He turned the economy around, stocks were soaring, and he brought unemployment to its lowest level in years, all while being attacked by every liberal media outlet and Democrat politician.”

And while her letter has attracted her some attention from the media, it has yet to attract a response to the noted Congresswoman it was addressed to. But nonetheless, Rutter felt that writing the letter was cathartic, and going forward, intends on remaining politically active and anticipates – hopefully, she said – another four years of Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

In the meantime, given the current political landscape in her home state, Rutter said that she and her husband are mulling over the possibility of moving their family from California at some point in the future if things do not change.

But regardless of what shape the political future of the country takes, Rutter said that she feels that there are some aspects of life that all people – regardless of their political leaning – can engage in to help bring us all together in some regards, especially in this day and age of strife and conflict. And while citizenry of the United States may never see eye-to-eye on every subject, Rutter notes that everyone deserves an unfettered, uncensored voice to put forth their own personal truths.

“We’re going to rebuild our economy, and the assaults on our first and second amendments must be stopped because they are fundamental rights which define this nation,” she said. “And I hope people stop hating each other and learn how to respectfully agree to disagree as we used to and have conversations that are productive instead of brutal and violent.”

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