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Calling “ANTIFA” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” What They Really Are – Radical Domestic Terrorists

Antifa members marching at a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland Oregon. August 4th, 2018: Editorial credit: Eric Crudup /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Let’s stop pussy footing around and call ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) what they really are – home grown radical domestic terrorists (also including the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, and the White Nationalists etc.). These groups of anarchists are in the process of undermining our country by causing havoc by burning down buildings and pillaging other people’s private property, besides attacking our law enforcement officers.  Unfortunately, they have found fertile areas of the country that let them get away with their nefarious destructive activities. Most of those cities are run by weak-kneed Democrat politicians who sort of wimp out when confronted with the illegal activities of these groups.

How did we come to this point where these groups could exert such undue influence upon the cities across the country? Of course, like most everything else, money is the driving force in propping up these radical groups, and much of that money comes from that 89 year old, WW2 Nazi collaborator, George Soros. For whatever reason, Soros has the utmost disdain for the United States (and other free enterprise capitalist countries), and would like to see it crumble into abject poverty and despair.

The evil George Soros has been, for many years, one of the major benefactors of the Democrat Party and the various groups I mentioned above. For years, he has been trying to undermine our system and he has been coming close to achieving his goal. Why would one of our political parties, the Democrats, accept the “blood money” from this man is beyond me? It’s almost like gratefully accepting money from the devil himself.

As you can see, from recent happenings in our country, the radical domestic terrorists use the money supporting them to do their vicious, destructive activities all around the country. Most of the members of these groups are generally young people (18 to 35), who have been indoctrinated in our schools to think that the United States is an evil country, by their radical teachers and professors. It is a shame that these misguided individuals don’t see the greatness of our country, and that with due diligence and hard work they could achieve or succeed in anything they want to do.

Much of this anarchy is also fueled by our “fake news” media who continually denigrate our duly elected president and the institutions of our society.  To them (the media), President Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” is some sort of a fascist symbol of hate. But, nothing could be further from the truth – Trump wants our country to be #1 in the world in all our activities. The 93% of the anti-Trump media make fun of and mock his program of putting “America First”. In doing this, the media gives credence to these radical terrorist groups as they reek havoc upon the government President Trump presides over.

So America, let’s get tough and stop the “political correctness” that permeates in our country, and deal with these groups in a forceful manner and stop taking the crap these radical terrorist groups mete out with almost impunity. Whenever we show weakness to their un-American activities, they will take advantage of the situation. Our political leaders must grow a set of “gonads” and do the right thing by bringing law and order back to our society so that our country can continue to be that “Shining light on the hill” that the late President Ronald Reagan said we should be.

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