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Op-Ed: As A Retired Detective, Here’s What I See from The Outside Looking in on “The George Floyd Incident” In Minnesota

People in Downtown Los Angeles protest the brutal Police killing of George Floyd. Editorial credit: Matt Gush /, licensed.

FORT WORTH, TX – I am at a loss of where to start. This week my emotions have swung left and to the right; mind you not politically. Every day new information comes out about the death of George Floyd. So I feel for him? Yes, I do. I hate the senseless loss of life regardless of who is responsible or what their color.

George seemed to have got his life under control after he moved from Houston, Texas to Minnesota. He served his time totaling up nine arrests; he deserved the rights available to all of us. Regardless of what he had done he failed to follow the lawful orders of a police officer or multiple officers on numerous occasions that fateful day.

From the start he got out of the patrol car and confronted the officers. He failed to follow orders and regardless if he was high or not he refused a lawful order. Intoxication is not a defense in a crime. Did he deserve to die? No he didn’t. But now we have information from the medical examiners office that he had high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. They ruled that Mr. Floyd did not die from asphyxiation but from his pre-existent medical conditions. Either way it is a shame that a human life has been lost. We have yet to see what drugs were in his system.

After Mr. Floyd was cuffed and contained there was no need in this retired LEO’s mind that he should not have been put back in the patrol car and not made a spectacle of. I support the Thin Blue Line as their jobs are hazardous at best making life altering decisions in a split second. I am not the judge nor jury in this case and that is where all of the evidence or lack of will come out.

Mr. Floyd had a history of arrests, nine in total, when he lived in Houston and moved to Minnesota to make a new start. If the facts show that he had drugs in his system, then that is on Mr. George. Coupled with his physical conditions it could have set off a chain of events that led to this gross distortion of civil disobedience.

I believe every man and woman regardless of race deserves a fair shake in the eyes of the law and the courts. But I cannot get past the lack of perspective that the media and public has when it comes to crime. Black Lives Matter as do all lives. I for one am married to a woman of color. But where is BLM when it comes to the overwhelming statistics that show the preponderance of black on black crime?

It isn’t there because BLM doesn’t care unless it is a white man taking a black man’s life. The Democratic party doesn’t care because the civil unrest that follows fits their agenda. All of the videos out there on YouTube, twitter or wherever only show you the part that they want shown. Prejudice and part truth is what it is, a distortion ever since Rodney King.

If it is found that any of the officers were found negligent of their duties, they need to be tried and the sentence, if found guilty, should be upheld. If it shows that Mr. Floyd acted in an unlawful manner and his pre-existing conditions caused him to take his last breath then the officers should get their due in court and relieved of all charges. If it was found that the officers acted within the guidelines of their department they should be restored.

As a trained operator I know that cutting off the blood supply to the brain will only lead to blackout and not strangulation as most would like one to believe. If this was the case it was not a choke hold and thus permitted. But once again the neighborhood stores and homes were looted and burned. You can thank your local ANTIFA mob when these businesses leave you high and dry.

By whom you may ask. It was by the bused in anarchists backed by George Soros or so it seems. These people could have cared less about what happened and only by their greed of being paid twenty dollars an hour they burned and pillaged the stores in your neighborhood.

A word or few of advice. Any man black, white or in between, if a police officer tells you to do something, do it. The worst outcome is you get arrested then make your case in court. Put your hands where they can be seen. Ask permission before reaching for anything. It is what I do any time I’m pulled over. Don’t argue, that is a losing proposition. It might piss you off but bite your tongue as it is better than being dead, and resistance is futile.

Jus’ Sayin’

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