Jus’ Sayin: Detroit Thug Beats Elderly Defenseless Man In Nursing Home

DETROIT, MI – I don’t know what it is that makes a person, especially a young and strong person feel they have the need to beat up on an elderly defenseless man or woman in a nursing home. Fortunately, this low life scum of a person was arrested in none other than the sprawling metropolis of democrat controlled Detroit.

I have a link to this man being beat by this much bigger, younger male of ethnic diversity. Turn up the volume and you can hear his fists making contact with the poor man’s head over and over all because he messed up the bed.

This thug, for a better word, beats him until he draws blood. There was nothing this man could do, nothing. I always tell people that they are judged by what they see on television. Of course, this young man is the bottom of the barrel but where is the outrage from the lame stream media?

Yeah that is rhetorical because the lame stream media will not show this as they are bought and paid for by people with incomes and identities much higher than you, the readers. I was a cop for 25 years. I know how cops think. I can tell you with out doubt they would have given this so called man a tune up before they got back to the station. Probably for the better in the day and age of cell phones and body cams that they didn’t.

I don’t condone giving this guy a beating, but he would have deserved one. I would have wanted to do it myself regardless of the shade of his skin. How many of you out there would root for the police or another member of society and giving this man his due or someone else at a different time and location? What if this was your elderly parent? How would your views on violence affected your decision?

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Do we take the passive road and let the law allow to do their job or would we take the law into our own hands and covertly find a time and a place to exact violence on the perpetrator? I know hard questions to answer. But I’ll tell you my answer. If it had been my elderly parent I would have tracked this person down and made sure the state didn’t waste time on a trial. With that, here is the raw video. Turn the volume up, make it take up your entire screen and watch. Watch closely.

After all, I’m Jus’ Sayin’.

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