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Justice Will Be Served On Mob Of Deviants Who Considered Themselves Above The Constitution


BOCA RATON, FL – As we schlep through this virus thing and learn about the overt criminalities of the Gang of Democrats led by their Capo dei capi, Barack Obama, we tend to get a little down. These negatives wear on us.

Our hope is that justice will be served on this mob of deviants who considered themselves above the Constitution. They lacked not only a sense of what this country stands for but also indicated a total disrespect for the future of this nation and the well being of all their fellow Americans. Like the fools they were, they bet all their marbles on a Hillary win, rolled the dice…and lost. The positives are that the Dems continue their poor gambling skills by choosing as their presidential pick to run in November, Basement Joe Biden, who is currently in a politically secure form of the witness protection program. 

“Hide and Seek” Joe is suffering, sadly so, from some form of dementia, but his party will wait until a suitable black female is selected as his running mate and probably in September she will replace Joe at the top of the ticket, claiming he’s suffering from some obscure malady, and he’ll be out of the picture. Embarrassed, used and tossed, he will do an Abe Reles performance. In other words, the Democrat Party is in deep doo.

They are lost, they know it and their only hope is to destroy the upcoming election. They’re attempting to do so by prolonging this Chinese virus thing. But if that fails, they will call out their street thugs, Black Lives Matter, The Occupy Movement, Antifa, Islamists and revolutionaries from around the globe to create chaos in the streets and disable the election process. They have no regard for anything legal. Their only goal, as we see from their actions is to cripple this nation and turn us into a Cuba, Venezuela or Sudan, where the rulers and their chosen few rule forever like royalty while their subjects grovel for survival.

Our only hope is to fight like hell to win in November. If you care about your kids, prepare yourselves for the battle of a lifetime.

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