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Can Trump Do Anything Right? If President Came Up With Cure for Cancer, Democratic Party Would Complain It Took To Long

President Trump while he delivered remarks on aggression in Iran, January 2020. Photo credit: White House Communications Agency, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The appearance of DoD visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the media and the Democrats, no matter what President Trump says or does it is wrong and in some cases downright “evil”. In all my many years, I have never seen such a concerted effort to destroy another individual. It is so blatant that it boggles the mind.

The criticism comes at him 24/7 and twice on Sunday. They never let up. I do believe that if Trump came up with a cure for cancer, they’d complain as to why it took him so long. You just can’t satisfy their thirst for destruction of another person.

President Trump has faults, just like all of us, but if he says or does  anything, no matter how good for the country, the knives come out and the criticism flows.

Starting even before he was elected and up to the present time, he has faced character assassination, and accusations of lying on near everything he says. All during this period of time, the “powers-to-be” in the “Deep State” have been trying to have him removed from office, one way or another. So far, they have failed miserably. I think the average person is catching on and feel that this bombardment of negativity and personal animus against President Trump is over the top and totally uncalled for.

Most of the criticism of President Trump is not about his policies, it is about him personally. According to his critics he is morally bankrupt, a congenital liar and a deadbeat among many other epithets thrown his way. It’s almost like he is the only politician who has baggage and some personality flaws.  There is a biblical expression that points out this aberrant behavior on the part of his critics, it is, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. 

According to them they seem to think only Trump is guilty of sin (of course forgetting the “horndogs” of the Democrat Party such as JFK, LBJ and Bill Clinton, and now with allegations of sexual misconduct of Joe Biden). It goes to prove how badly his detractors are infected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). The visceral hatred for Trump is so ingrained in the Democrats and their flunky’s in the Fake News Media, that if someone wants to know the truth they can’t get it by listening to his enemies (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, N.Y.Times, and Wash. Post etc.)

Some say he shouldn’t answer his critics like he does, but what is a man supposed to do – sit there and get beat up by an enormously biased press (93% of the stories on Trump are negative according to a study done by Harvard University)? Turn the other cheek is a good character trait, but if you have very few to stand up for you, you have to fight back, and Trump does that in spades.

Until this Chinese made COVID-19 virus hit our country like a sledge hammer, the accomplishments of Trump’s Administration was something to behold, not withstanding the brick-bats thrown at him by his political enemies. The economy was booming like no other administration in the past, it looked like it was going to continue right up to the election in November 2020. When this virus hit like a ton of bricks, and the prospects were supposed to be a national health disaster, we had to shut down the country, and as a result, the great economy took a big hit. If we come out of this disaster close to where we were before the virus, it will be to the benefit of President Trump in his bid to be re-elected.

Since the health crisis has abated, as of now, the economy should rebound and it will be for the benefit of all the people in our country as well as for Trump’s re-election, and to the chagrin of the Democrats and their allies in the media. Will President Trump get credit? Probably not by the usual suspects, but the U.S. citizens will be the winners, and as in 2016, Trump will be a winner also and get re-elected to a second term.

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