Broward Sheriff’s Marine and Aviation Units Rescue Three Men From Submerged, Capsizing Boat Near Pompano Beach


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies rescued several stranded people Tuesday night after their fishing boat capsized in the open water near Pompano Beach.

According to police, shortly after 9 p.m. April 28, the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office’s Marine and Aviation units and patrol deputies responded to a call from dispatch where three people were in distress on top of their overturned and capsizing boat approximately one mile off the Pompano Beach shore.

As the deputies quickly responded to the area, they observed the victims flashing a light toward the shore at 1300 N. Ocean Drive. The coordinated efforts between Broward Sheriff’s Office units allowed Marine Patrol to safely navigate through the rough waters and identify exactly where the stranded boaters were located.

Marine Patrol made contact with the three men in distress who were sitting on top of their overturned boat. One by one, the men were pulled onto the marine boat and safely brought back to shore. Deputies believe the boat capsized due to the high winds and 4 to 5 foot sea conditions. All three men were wearing life jackets and did not report any injuries.

Broward’s Sheriff’s Office encourages boaters to always ensure the proper safety equipment is on board before heading out onto the water and be mindful of weather conditions and hazards.

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