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Op-Ed: Thousands Of Animals Will Be Slaughtered For Nothing As There Will Be No Market For Them; What’s To Follow?


FORT WORTH, TX – While going through my Facebook account this morning I came across a video of a rancher, farmer, whatever you may choose to call him. Due to the shut down of meat processors ranchers are looking at slaughtering all of the animals they have raised to feed us, yet we are importing beef from Namibia. Now stop and think. Are they’re standards up to ours and is this meat safe? It’s the same thing with crops. They are all being plowed under.

Thousands of animals will be slaughtered for nothing as there will be no market for them. The plants are all closed. No vegetables, as they are left to rot in the fields. There are people in our Country that would love to take us down. They will do anything to destroy what two hundred and forty four years took us to get here. Ben Franklin said, and I say loosely, “You have a Republic if you can keep it.”

The video is below:

What’s to follow? Produce and meat shortages at our grocers? Food lines waiting to buy over priced goods maybe half rotted if you could get them? This is a fight for our freedom as a country. Saul Alinsky once said if we control the schools, their health care, the food supply, and take their guns the masses will be completely dependent on what the government gives. In other words, they have the power and it is no longer than “We the People.”

Our Constitutional Republic is quickly becoming a thing of the past and Socialism is all set to rush in and take it’s place. What did our soldiers fight for and sacrifice their lives for all of these years? Does that mean nothing? Nikita Khrushchev’s words are coming to fruition. Remember his tirade at the Polish Embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956 when he banged his shoe on his podium ranting “We will bury you.” He meant that without a shovel but the working class in the United States would be the undertaker. He said that in Yugoslavia on August 24, 1963.

These words are coming back to haunt us through voter fraud, welfare, corruption and illegal immigration. The far left wants our Constitutional Republic to be the third world country that never stood the test of time. Even the USSR fell when it’s entire system collapsed from the burden of its welfare system of everything is free. If this is what you seek, I implore you to head to one of these countries that have already cast the fate of good hard working people to the wolves.

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