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A Good Scapegoat is Almost as Good as a Solution

President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, attends the 2019 Army Navy Game in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 14, 2019. Photo credit: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Dana Clarke. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The scapegoat in this case is President Donald Trump as portrayed by the Democrats. Ever since Trump pulled off the greatest electoral upset of the century, he has become the scapegoat for the failure of the Democrat Party to “crown” Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. For over 3 years, everything President Trump has said or done (and in his whole life) has been put under a microscope in hopes of finding something, or anything, to bring Articles of Impeachment against him to remove him from office. So far, the partisan attacks have failed, even though the Democrats have put forth two phony Articles of Impeachment.

What a waste of time, effort, and money by the vindictive Democrats in pursuing this exercise of trying to remove a duly elected Trump from office, we have much more important things to do for the citizens of the country. Don’t you agree?

Even before he was elected, some Democrats were calling for his impeachment, can you believe that? He didn’t even take the oath of office and they were impeaching him for high crimes and misdemeanors. He was targeted from the beginning to mollify the Democrats failure to win the presidential election.

First it was the charge that Trump “colluded” with the Russians. This farcical charge was fostered in the “Deep State” FBI and the Justice Department under former President Barack Obama. This led to 2 ½ years of painstaking investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his merry band of “Never Trumper” investigators. They tried every which way to find Trump guilty of “Collusion” with the Russians. They found nothing, nil and nada, that Trump “colluded nor obstructed justice” with the Russians. The Democrats were devastated as they thought that the Mueller Report was their “smoking gun” in getting rid of Trump as president.


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Not to let defeat hamper their vendetta against Trump, the “loser” Democrats, then latched onto an innocuous phone call between Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine. This mostly friendly conversation between two heads of state, was “word parsed” inside and out for finding some impeachable offenses with the words used by Trump with Zelensky. The Democrats, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, designated a notorious anti-Trumper, Adam Schiff, to impanel an impeachment committee to “prove” that Trump used his office to coerce Zelensky and to commit high crimes and misdemeanors. Using the tactics of the former Soviet KGB, they conducted closed door hearings, with friendly witnesses, trying to prove the non-provable, that Trump abused his office to pressure the Ukrainian president into doing things that would help Trump in his re-election. The Ukrainian president, and his Foreign Minister who was also on the call, both claimed that they felt no pressure to do anything untoward with President Trump. “Shifty” Schiff ignored those statements by the Ukrainian officials and proceeded to conduct those one-sided hearings. Schiff, of course, passed along his tainted committee findings to Chairman Jerrold Nadler of the Judiciary Committee, in order to draw up Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

The American people, as this charade was being conducted by the feckless Democrats, could “smell a rat” and realized that this whole impeachment episode wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Now, since Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have failed to impeach President Trump with trumped up charges, they want another “bite of the apple” by setting up a commission to investigate Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 virus attack that was incubated in China and which has caused havoc all over the world.  Shouldn’t a commission be set up to determine China’s role in this world-wide pandemic, and not President Trump”?

So as our headline states, a good scapegoat (President Trump) is almost as good as a solution, certainly applies to this phony impeachment of the president exercised by the Democrats. I believe that this whole phony scenario will come back to bite the Democrats in the butt big time, as the 2020 election comes about in November. This will accrue to the benefit of President Trump and he will be re-elected in a landslide vote.

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