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Call to Action: Shy Away From Products Originating or Processed in China, Ask About Nation of Origin, Walk Away From “Made in China” Label

We must recognize the danger of China. They are an aggressive, totalitarian military dictatorship that has planned well to take over this planet: militarily and economically. And they are well on their way to achieve this nefarious goal. Photo: Shutterstock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – While you and I, along with tens of millions of other Americans, all suffering through this Wuhan-Chinese virus, are praying not only for our own safety but for the well being of family and friends, let’s not forget… this disease was planned, concocted, formulated, packaged and distributed world-wide by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It is now clear this globe-paralyzing virus, that the Chinese butt kissing media has labeled Covid-19, belongs, lock, stock and barrel to the military CCP regime. They did it, they must get the blame and it’s our fervent prayer that this nation does all in its power to bring it under control and then retaliate, not militarily, but commercially, trade-wise and diplomatically to punish these villains.

This nation, just over the past few years has successfully worked a miracle in becoming energy independent. We no longer have to be concerned about shipments of petroleum from turbulent, undependable nations such as Arabia, Iran, Mexico and Venezuela to keep our cars running, factories booming and homes heated. Next, we look forward to and demand of this and all future administrations that all our other must-needs such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment/supplies, electronics, military equipment, fabrics and entertainment are no longer imported but grown or manufactured by American labor, right here in the USA. For too long have we permitted China and other countries to supply us. For too long have we looked the other way while the CCP has wormed its way into the threatening position of achieving its goal of becoming the dominant military and commercial enemy it truly is.

They now have the likes of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba under their thumb. They own and control these America hating totalitarian regimes not only with trade and military support but mainly by their yuan/currency payoffs. As has been factually reported, they have insinuated themselves into every single department of the United Nations by buying off the delegates of its member nations. The World Health Organization, supposedly in charge of the world-wide campaign against the Chinese virus, is the puppet/mouthpiece of the CCP. Its head, Dr. Tedros, in all reality, is speaking from and for Beijing, rather than from his official office. He works for them.

Our own nation has been asleep as our avowed enemy has been infiltrating our vitals. The CCP has saturated our colleges with its Confucius Institutes (CI), whose falsely stated purpose is to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture to our students. Rather, they indoctrinate. They had been in place at the University of Chicago, Penn State, George Washington University and others. They actually promulgate the propaganda lies issued by China that anesthetizes us to their true goals of domination. Senator Rubio (R), of Florida has publicly denounced the CI and thankfully, many of our universities are dropping this venomous program. The National Basketball Association, with the interest in basketball now skyrocketing in China and much money to be made there, has officially caved in to demand silence on the part of any of its representatives regarding Chinese dictatorship. Hollywood, with an income of over 9 billion last year from tickets sold in China, is in that nation’s grasp. Top U.S. politicians have their pockets filled by the CCP. Look no further than the Biden and Clinton families.

We must recognize the danger of China. They are an aggressive, totalitarian military dictatorship that has planned well to take over this planet: militarily and economically. And they are well on their way to achieve this nefarious goal. This attack on us and the world by their Chinese virus should be a wake up call to action and the recognition that we are facing a deadly, shrewd, enemy. We can do our share. Shy away from, especially food products either originating or processed in China. Encourage retailers to remove these products from their shelves. When purchasing any product, ask about its nation of origin. Walk away from the “Made in China” label …for your grandkids’ sake.

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