Local Business, Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering, Donates Meals To Broward’s Sheriff’s Office First Responders

Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering is donating meals to Broward’s Sheriff’s Office first responders For every one of Peacock’s “Weeknight Wonders” family meal purchased by the public, a free meal will be donated to first responders. 

POMPANO BEACH, FL – As first responders work to protect and serve those in need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, companies like Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering are doing what they can to show their appreciation. For every one of their “Weeknight Wonders” family meal purchased by the public, a free meal will be donated to first responders. 

On April 15, Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering expressed their desire to deliver free meals to Broward Sheriff’s Office Neighborhood Support Team (NST) for the work they have done in the community. Through Operation Helping Hands, BSO’s NST employees have delivered over 1,000 meals to seniors and families in need during COVID-19

“Feedback via letters, emails and phone calls from the community expressing gratitude for the food deliveries are testaments to what our NST staff is accomplishing throughout the districts as it relates to Operation Helping Hands,” said BSO NST Captain Renee Peterson. “BSO will continue to serve the community in the delivery of essential goods throughout the pandemic and thanks Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering and other businesses like it for recognizing law enforcement efforts in supporting the community.” 

Donated meals were delivered to BSO’s Deerfield and Weston districts by the catering company yesterday afternoon. For more information about Peacock’s Pantry Boutique Catering, please visit their website at www.peacockspantry.net.

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