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No Matter How Hard the Democrats Try, They Can’t Polish Horse Manure

The Democrat establishment must realize, even though Obama, Sanders, and Warren have endorsed Biden, that they have a “lemon” on their hands running for president. Photo credit: Drop of Light / licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Now that Sleepy Joe Biden has become the eventual Democrat Party candidate for president (at least at this time), they’ve started a “full court press” in trying to make Ole Joe someone that he is not – a viable candidate and a future president. No matter how hard they try, with the help of a fawning media, as the old saying goes, they just can’t polish horse manure.

Do the powers-to-be in the Democrat Party really think that Joe Biden is up to the job of being president? I’m sure many realize from his recent performances, that there is something wrong with him, something like a cognitive deficiency? Can you believe that after the Democrats had 24 candidates starting out running for president, that only Joe Biden survived as the eventual candidate? It shows that the caliber of the others must’ve been really lacking in gravitas to come down to having Joe Biden lead the ticket, and as the odds makers in Las Vegas have determined, he will be the party’s big loser come November.

Does anybody, including the Democrats with common sense, think that if Sleepy Joe wins the election (by some sort of a fluke), that he would be able to survive 4 years in office? Will his condition improve over those 4 years, or would he have to step down and be replaced by his vice-president? It will be interesting if and when he will have to debate President Trump, who has shown that he can stand up to a hostile press and answer questions for over an hour at a time, whether Biden will be able to string together meaningful sentences and ideas as they come up during a debate situation. Biden today has difficulty even reading from a tele-prompter, no less speaking off the cuff. I predict, if those debates occur, Joe Biden will embarrass himself.

The Democrat establishment must realize, even though Obama, Sanders, and Warren have endorsed Biden, that they have a “lemon” on their hands running for president. It is quite probable that if Biden runs, the Democrats will not gain the majority in either the House or Senate along with losing the White House. It is not beyond the realm of possibility, that the Democrat elites will try to ease out Biden for some reason, like a physical disability, before the Democrat convention in August. The Democrats sole purpose in life is to make President Trump a one-term president, and they will do anything, legal or not, to achieve that goal.

The Democrats, along with Biden’s pledge to nominate a woman, will try to soften up the negatives about Biden with a woman on the ticket, preferably a woman of color in order to keep the blacks in the Democrat column and to appease the “Progressive” wing of the party represented by Alexandtia Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, all Marxist/Socialists and anti-Semites.

As I said in my headline, no matter how hard the Democrats try, they still can’t polish horse manure. It’ll be Trump in a landslide.

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