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The Necessary Change in The Democratic Ticket: Michelle Obama

The former first lady on the ticket will be a double whammy for Progressives who now rule the party by bringing Barack back into the White House as the chief consultant, mentor and all too obvious power behind the throne for his wife.  Photo credit: Mark Reinstein /

BOCA RATON, FL – My childhood tree climbing days are over so I’ll go out on the proverbial limb and predict that Michelle Obama will be the VP selection of the Biden camp. Joe’s behind the eight-ball, having along with Sanders promised to select a woman for his running mate. This will not be sufficient. It will have to be a black woman in order to curry favor with the African-American and the female voters, both blocks essential to his winning in November. After all, he defeated too many women, including Kamala Harris in the primary and he must now woo back their support.

The former first lady on the ticket will also be a double whammy for the Progressives who now rule the party by bringing Barack back into the White House as the chief consultant, mentor and all too obvious power behind the throne for his wife. Michelle, to her credit is calm, cool and collected under fire. She has a defiant, strong personality yet she can turn on the charm before the camera. Her two daughters, out of sight for three years, will surely be positive factors in bringing out the younger black and white female voters. But there’s a problem that her selection as a running mate will solve. And that’s the increasing evidence of Biden’s mental deterioration. We all see it. The Democrats and their media cohorts have not only been denying it but foolishly having ignored the obvious, permitted him to win the necessary primary votes to put him, at this point at the head of the ticket.

That issue will have to be remedied. And that’s where Michelle comes in to play. Those in the ruling class of the Democrat Party who call the shots, know full well the danger of having Biden make it through to Election Day. At this point in time, thanks to the COVID-19, he is hiding away in his basement, away from the media and more important, public’s eye. When he emerges as he will have to, we have no idea the kind of shape he’ll be in.  He will need someone to take the heat off him. Michelle can handle that responsibility while at the same time audition for the top of the ticket. Michelle will do campaigning, always at Biden’s side to step in when he falters or hesitates searching for words. She will win over voters by her compassion for her leader and will evidence strong opinions of her own while ostensibly, and to all intents and purposes, she will be his subordinate and look up to him.

Sometime in the campaign after the electorate has gotten to be familiar with Michelle on camera with interviews and public appearances, Biden will  be removed from the spotlight, initially without explanation, giving the voters time to contemplate the possibility of his being disabled and unable to continue on the brutal campaign trail, leaving it all to Michelle to carry the ball. Eventually medical reports will surface claiming Joe is suffering from some undisclosed ailment leaving the door open to his being replaced at the top of the ticket with Michelle. A replacement for the VP slot could then be very well filled with Bernie Sanders, a big win for the Progressive leadership in the party. Sympathy for Joe will be a positive factor in the election. The new ticket will have his blessing. The black, woman candidate, standing side-by-side with Sanders will unite all factions of the Democrat party for the November election. Joe Biden will be an afterthought, no longer a target for his faltering thoughts, erratic behavior and comments and the lingering  sexual harassment allegations against him. Michelle Obama……problem solver.”

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