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Double Standard: Where Are “MeToo” Activists for Biden Accuser? Silent Despite History of Overly Aggressive Kissing, Hugging, Fondling Females


DELRAY BEACH, FL – Remember during the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats and the news media were sure that Kavanaugh was a sexual abuser and that he should not be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice? He was accused, tried, and convicted for no other reason than he was a judge with conservative views.

Fast track to today. A woman aide to then Senator Joe Biden, has accused him of improper touching her against her will in 1993. Her accusations have been relegated to the back pages of the newspapers and barely a mention is made in the broadcast media of her lawsuit against Biden. It’s almost like it never really happened and that Joe Biden is innocent of all charges.

Justice Kavanaugh was considered a pariah, as his detractors believed the woman professor accuser hook, line, and sinker  In fact, some militant feminists said that any woman making a claim of sexual abuse by a man should be believed at all times. (Ex. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI).

So now that Joe Biden has been accused of sexual abuse, the Democrats and the media are not so anxious to believe his accuser about the abuse she claimed she was subjected to by Joe Biden. This is a typical case of a double-standard, as according to your political status, if the charges are against a Republican he must be guilty, but if the charges are against a Democrat, he must be innocent.

I don’t know whether the accusations against Joe Biden are valid, but I didn’t know whether the charges of Kavanaugh were valid either until the facts came out and the accuser of Kavanaugh couldn’t keep her story straight and the witnesses she provided didn’t back up her story. It came out in the end that Judge Kavanaugh was not guilty as charged, but his reputation was sullied forever by the zealous attack against him by the Democrats and the news media. Even as the facts cleared Judge Kavanugh, the Democrats voted en masse to reject his nomination to the Supreme Court. What a disgrace.

Joe Biden has a long history of being overly aggressive in kissing, hugging, and fondling females of all ages.  The news media considered his actions as being just a habit of “Uncle Joe” trying to be friendly, but many of the females said his actions made them feel very uncomfortable and uneasy.  Now, that he has been accused of a more serious action (as a continuation of his touchy-feely “modus operandi”), the excuses by his supporters has been coming fast and furious. Where are the “#MeToo” female activists when Biden’s accuser comes forth, and why don’t they believe her? To any sane observer, this is a case of blatant selective amnesia based on political considerations instead of professed moral precepts that since it is a Democrat, the charges must not be taken seriously.

If the Democrats and the news media didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.  This is a textbook case of that adage.

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