Unit at Home of Charles Manson Associate, Mark Ross, Listed for Rent as Spectacular “TO DIE FOR” Penthouse: 28 Clubhouse Avenue Venice

Notorious criminal Charles Manson (left) was long suspected as being behind the suspicious death of John Haught, aka “Zero” (right) [only confirmed photo], who allegedly killed himself playing Russian roulette at 28 Clubhouse Ave, Venice, CA 90291. Photos: CharlesManson.com.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The listing agent for a rental home in Southern California may not have known just how accurate they were when they listed 28 Clubhouse Avenue in Venice, California for rent on Zillow and likely dozens of other real estate portals. The 2 bed, 1 bath unit which has been listed for roughly sixty days is located at the address once belonging to Mark Ross, aka Mark Rosen, when in the late 1960s Charles Manson and his murders crew snuffed out the lives of seven people and shocked the nation in what was called one of the most bizarre trials and series’ of murders in American history.

Listed at $3950 per month, the one bedroom plus loft is described as a:


A visual screen capture of the listing page on Zillow.com at the time of viewing prior to publication. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/28-Clubhouse-Ave-Venice-CA-90291/20443514_zpid/

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On November 5, 1969, Manson family associate John Philip Haught, aka “Zero”, allegedly killed himself playing Russian roulette at 28 Clubhouse Ave, Venice, CA 90291. When police arrived Manson family members Catherine Gillies, Bruce Davis, Sue Bartell, and Madaline Cottage were on the scene and told investigators it was a suicide.

In the late 1960s, Mark Ross, aka Mark Rosen (above) was a friend of the Manson Family. He lived in a beach house located at 28 Clubhouse Avenue, Venice, CA 90291. Speculation exists that he later changed his name ‘Aesop Aquarian‘ to elude the Manson Family in fear of them.

The incident, while officially a LA County closed case, has long been suspected as a murder ordered by Manson for having “Loose Lips” regarding family activities.

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