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Does the Word “Libercrites” Define the Democrat Candidates for President?


DELRAY BEACH, FL – A friend of mine coined the word “Libercrites” (Liberals plus Hypocrites = Libercrites) which sort of sums up the way the Democrats seem to approach their political thoughts and actions. “Do as I say, not as I do”, that’s what the “Libercrites” use as their “modus operandi”.  They preach that they are in favor of border security, but practice open borders. They preach fiscal responsibility, but propose higher taxes on everyone, including their favorite economic class, the poor. They preach free speech, but try to deny the speech of others who disagree with them (prevalent on many college campus’ across the country). They preach abiding by the U.S. Constitution, but then try to undermine it (ex: abolishing the “Electoral College” and packing the Supreme Court etc.). If that doesn’t make them “Libercrites”, no other word will suffice.

Look at Bernie Sanders, who rails against millionaires (and billionaires), but is one himself with three houses in addition to his income. He wants to take money from the well-off and give it to the less fortunate, but he doesn’t share his wealth with the poor. He has reported that he only gives less than 3% of his income to charity. He could be designated the poster child of the “Libercrites”, along with Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and a host of other wealthy Democrat socialists, who rail against rich people and corporations while benefiting from that “evil” system called free enterprise capitalism.

Take the Southern border crisis (which the “Libercrites” claim is a manufactured crisis). For years, many of the “Libercrites” were in favor of erecting a border wall, but now since President Trump is in office, they are dead set against it. Why? Are they against the wall out of principle? No!  They are against it out of pure politics and an visceral hatred of President Trump. The hell with what is good for our country’s security. Also, the “Libercrites” want “rich” people to pay their “fair share”, but never mention the fact that the top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all income taxes. Isn’t that fair enough for the “Libercrites”?

Another area where the “Libercrites” seem to have a convenient loss of memory, is in promoting socialist economic principles to replace our free enterprise capitalist economic system that has been handed down to us by our founding fathers. Don’t they see the two famous nearby economic basket cases in Venezuela and Cuba as an example of why socialism doesn’t work? Ole Bernie and Sleepy Joe, and the other pseudo-socialist panderers who dropped out of the nomination race, seemed to also have been afflicted with that “Libercrite” disease called CRI (Cranial Rectal Inversion).  Unfortunately for them, that malady is not treatable as long as they close their eyes to reality.

So in conclusion, the word “Libercrite” is an aptly coined word to describe the policies of the loony liberals and their fellow cronies in the “fake news” media. In the words of that great American patriot, President Donald Trump, let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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