Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Provides Update At Port Everglades


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The Broward Sheriff’s Office is part of a unified command at Port Everglades. The unified command was established to ensure all of our federal, state and local partners are working together for the safety of Broward County.

On Wednesday, March 18, two passenger cruise ships returned to Port Everglades and disembarked more than 2,000 passengers. All arriving ships are being cleared concurrently by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida Department of Health, United States Coast Guard, United States Customs and Border Protection, Broward County Port Administration and The Broward Sheriff’s Office before any passenger can disembark. Additionally, shore leave has been cancelled for crews.

Safeguarding the port and all of Broward County as the passengers make their way to area hotels, airports and homes is one of our top priorities. The Broward Sheriff’s Office continues to work with our local, state and federal partners to meet the challenges caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. We ask the public to call 911 only in an emergency. For non-emergencies, you can call 954-764-HELP (4357). 

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