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Why Liberalism Is Dying And In Its Death Throes

Liberals say they want to admit illegal immigration or, rather, what they term the “undocumented immigrants.” The left defends the indefensible acts of wholesale slaughter and virtual genocide of the most vulnerable of innocent lives and the defenseless. File photo.

NEW YORK, NY – I have nothing but love for my left-wing ideological brothers and sisters who I know God sent his only begotten son to die for as he did all humanity. Yet I must say that liberalism is dying and in its death throes. I believe this to be true because liberalism is in some sense false and involves a refusal to face what is true, sticking to an ideology whose underpinnings are wobbly and weak and no longer as a system that addresses the needs of the American people. Let us for a moment view how this ideology operates, on what bases it operates, and more importantly, fails to address the needs of the American people.

Liberalism operates on the basis that it claims love and compassion as its values; deplores those who disagree as racist and inhumane sadists; claims the ground for itself of all forms of civil rights whether based on race or sex. Let me now take a look at the issues liberalism on this basis claims to embrace, these valued, and, if you will, grounds. First, there is the matter of illegal immigration. Liberals say they want to allow and admit illegal immigration or, rather, what they term the “undocumented immigrants.” Liberals say it is cruel and inhumane not to permit these individuals to not only enter the country illegally but stay, obtain employment, use our medical services, and our educational services. The liberals know that not only is the law being violated, and our system and resources being manipulated, but these illegal entrants are taking jobs away from our needy and economically-deprived citizens. Perhaps the left wants these illegals as voters. I do not know, but can only say the left fails in its logic and reasoning seeking to justify the presence of persons in wholesale violation of the law.  

They claim compassion and love as their reasons to allow people to enter the country un-investigated and un-vetted. We do not who they are. There is no justification to permit violation of the law on any basis. On this issue, the left ideology fails and dies. The same is true of sanctuary cities, which function to house and protect these law-violators and under any chain of reasoning, compassion or otherwise, our society cannot operate to shield violation of the law on what is nothing more than a massive basis. This cannot be termed love and compassion and to say so is, I am afraid, to fool and manipulate.  

If someone wants to come here and stay, there are legal avenues fully available. Once again, the left in embracing sanctuary cities fails in its logic and reasoning. If it is the object of the left ideology to create a new concept of citizenship by simply walking in at any time you want, this is something our country and society cannot tolerate and we cannot operate on the basis of “walk-in citizenship,” whoever you are. On the President’s position on these issues, he is called racist and inhumane. These are red herrings and false markets when the reality is he is following his obligation to enforce the law against its violators and manipulators. 

The President is pro-life. I do not say that a woman can be forced to give birth but I do say that abortion at any stage and in its late stages in particular is murder and the term is reasonably correct and the truth of this matter is not easily evaded by placing this being, this potential Mozart or Einstein, into a plastic bag and thrown in a refuse can without thought or concern for what is destroying life. Half of these aborted babies are female and most of the mothers are poor and vulnerable black and Latino women. If this is a matter of women’s rights, as the left maintains, kindly answer these arguments my dear friends and thinkers of the left wing who surely know that abortion has its historic basis in the thought of Margaret Sanger who wished with many others to rid the world of the disabled, mentally-challenged, and genetically defective; a program the Nazis embraced wholeheartedly in their racist program of extermination. The left again fails in its logic in defending the indefensible acts of wholesale slaughter and virtual genocide of the most vulnerable of innocent lives and the defenseless. 

A final example is the matter of the census question on citizenship, which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against in a 5-4 decision. As one not at the societal or professional level of the U.S. Supreme Court, I make a comment with hesitation and great respect committed to adhering to the law as enunciated by the court. I do say this, however: that one who is not a citizen in my view not only has no right to be counted but no right to be here at all. This question was present in many censuses prior to this administration with no issue or question being raised, but now it is argued that the question would create fear among our Latino brothers and sisters. This is a bogus argument since if the person is legally here, there would be no fear. I only say here that I disagree with the Supreme Court on this matter but respect the decision nonetheless. 

I end this little analysis of why the left-wing ideology is dying and must die. I have given my reasons and the reasons are that in my view the left fails in its logic and lacks respect for truth and intellectual honesty. I do agree with the left with their concern for the poor and the underclass as a Christian, but I still say to the left: know the truth and the truth will make you free. Honest intellectual discernment must win and so the left must and will fail at least in its present forms and policies.

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