Is Joe Biden the New Walter Mondale?

President Reagan and Walter Mondale in the Second Presidential Debate on Defense and Foreign Policy Kansas City Convention Center Music Hall Missouri. November 21, 1984 . Photo credit: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  Remember when Walter Mondale was running against President Ronald Reagan in 1984, he said, “He (Reagan) won’t raise your taxes, but I will”.  Well, is Joe Biden the ghost of Walter Mondale when he said, “Guess what, if you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut”. Do you think that is a winning message to the U.S. electorate?

Well, ole Walter Mondale lost 49 of 50 states (only his home state of Minnesota gave him a win) in an electoral blowout of epic proportions.

I guess “Sleepy Joe” Biden didn’t learn from Mondale’s mistake. He’s doubling down on the losing proposition much to the delight of President Trump and the Republicans.

When President Trump lowered the tax rates on individuals, corporations and small businesses, the economy took off like a rocket. Everything that should be up., went up, and everything that should be down, went down.  We have experienced, under Trump, an economic boom like no other in modern times. Even with this “bump in the road”, the “Coronavirus”, our economy is still vibrant with a 10% decline in the stock market. When this virus scare abates, you’ll see a resurgence of our economic boom.

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One positive happening over this “Coronavirus”, is that the U.S. companies now realize that it should follow the lead of President Trump and come back to the United States as they left because of the cheap labor offered by foreign countries that proved to be an an unreliable source of production, mainly China. The unfortunate pandemic of the “Coronavirus” has shown us the validity of President’ Trump’s desire to promote “America First” by encouraging companies to return to a stable business environment in the United States.

If, by the unlikely chance, Joe Biden ever becomes president, you can kiss your prosperity goodbye. Joe Biden, who calls himself a “moderate”, is nothing but a “closet socialist”, ala Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders admits his socialist pedigree, Joe Biden hides it. Really, there’s not a “dimes worth of difference” between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

So, when politicians state that they will raise your taxes, believe them.  Their proposals, if enacted, will throw a monkey wrench into our prosperous economy. Whether you dislike or hate President Trump personally, you must “vote your pocketbook” and return him to the Oval Office in order to maintain our prosperous economy. We don’t want to become another Cuba or Venezuela.

So, cast your vote to re-elect President Trump, he will not be another Walter Mondale as he will keep “America Great” for all Americans and he won’t raise your taxes.

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