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The Democrats Geriatric Dilemma: Both Old Fossil Candidates Carry More Baggage Than What Macy’s Carries In Their Luggage Department

Is this the best the Democrats can do to challenge the re-election of Trump? The average age of the 2 remaining candidates, (Biden and Sanders), is 78. All two carry more baggage that what Macy’s carries in their luggage department. Photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL –  The biggest problem for the Democrats is how are they going to market any of the “old fossils” running for president in trying to determine who will be their candidate for president to oppose President Trump in the upcoming election. The average age of the 2 remaining candidates, (Biden and Sanders), is 78 (Elizabeth Warren, also in her 70’s, is now becoming just an after-though, and Micheal Bloomberg (78) has thrown in the towel).

Is this the best the Democrats can do to challenge the re-election of President Trump? All two of those candidates carry more baggage that what Macy’s carries in their luggage department.

The present leader, Joe Biden, has trouble remembering where he is and what office he is running for. He is a gaffe-a-minute candidate whose gaffes are downplayed by a partisan compliant media. According to them it is just “good ole Joe” making innocuous mistakes, no big deal. Do you think they would have the same conclusion if was Donald Trump? If “Sleepy Joe” gets the Democrat nomination, his shady practices, by himself and his family, will haunt him all during his campaign. As he tries to answer the questions about his conduct by putting them in a favorable light, the old expression of “You can’t polish horse manure” comes into play. How do you think he will stack up against President Trump in a campaign debate? If history is any guide, he will fold like a cheap camera and stumble all over himself as he tries to gather his thoughts in making a cogent response. It will be embarrassing to witness his meltdown before a national audience.


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As for “Crazy Bernie”, if he became the Democrat candidate (over the hysterical opposition of the Democrat National Committee), how is he going to sell his desire to bring socialism to our country? Even though many of his fervent supporters, many of them Millennial’s, are sympathetic to socialism, the vast majority of the voting public don’t want to become another Cuba or Venezuela. Even very liberal-minded voters will not be enthusiastic when they realize that many will lose their union negotiated “Cadillac” health plans (with Bernie’s “Medicare for All” plan), and that their taxes will be increased to pay for all his wild proposals including the “Green New Deal”, free college for all including illegal aliens etc. Even “loony liberals” sometimes have traces of common sense when their lifestyles are affected negatively.

The other “septuagenarian” Michael Bloomberg, who has dropped out of the Democrat nomination race after spending $500 million in a failed campaign while gathering almost zero delegates, has said he will spend lavishly in trying to prevent Trump from being re-elected. Where’s the outrage by the Democrats who despise the rich? I guess they will overlook their animosity as long as Bloomberg spends his money on Democrats. Would that be a perfect case of hypocrisy by those who preach moral superiority?

So, either of the the two remaining 70 plus candidates will, I predict,  be “cannon fodder” when they meet Donald Trump face to face. It’s going to be a geriatric free-for-all that Trump will win handily.

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