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Democrats: The Pander and Patronizing Party; Who Are They Kidding?

Compassion and concern of the plight of blacks was not brought up at the previous debates as the main audiences in those debates were white. The insincerity of the comments in the South Carolina debate were deafening to say the least.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Do the Democrat candidates for president really think that they can pander and patronize black voters into voting for them? It was pathetic viewing and listening to them last Tuesday evening at the South Carolina debate as they tried to outdo each other by feigning compassion and concern of the supposed plight of black people. These same concerns were not brought up at the previous debates as the main audiences in those debates were white.  The insincerity of the comments in South Carolina were deafening to say the least.

For the past 80 years the majority of black voters have voted over 90% for Democrats. It has been a voting block that the Democrats could count on, election after election. But why? Don’t they realize that the party of slavery, secession, segregation, and Socialism should be an anathema to blacks, but that has not been the case. The party of Lincoln and the Republicans has been the major champions of civil rights ever since the Civil War, but still blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Over the years, in order to energize black voters, the Democrats trot out the “race card” in an attempt to scare blacks into not voting for Republicans. That tactic has seemed to work quite well for the Democrats until the election of Donald Trump as president. President Trump has asked black audiences what have the Democrats really done for them over the years to be worthy of their vote?  He asked them the question, “What do you have lose” in voting for Republicans? President Trump got a slight bounce from the black voters in the election of 2016.

The latest poll numbers today show that the policies of President Trump seem to be resonating with a sizable number of black voters as the estimate of blacks supporting the election of President Trump could approach 15% to 20%. President Trump has reached out to the black community with his policies of prison reform, enterprise zones in inner cities, and with the lowest unemployment rate of blacks in history. Many prominent blacks like Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Senator Tim Scott, Larry Elder, Burgess Owens (no relation to Candace), Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Elvida King (niece of Martin Luther King) have all been championing the policies of President Trump and how those policies have really helped black people as opposed to the policies of the Democrats and black President Barack Obama. If those polls are correct, it will probably mean that President Trump will be re- elected in a landslide.

If it wasn’t for the Republican Party, the plight of minorities, including blacks, we wouldn’t have the civil rights laws protecting the rights of all minorities. Besides Republican Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation”, the Republican Party was responsible for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, and also the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s. The percentage of Republicans voting for those measures was greater in each instance than that of the Democrats, and yet the blacks continued to vote for the Democrats year after year. It boggles the mind.

So, as the Democrats pander and patronize the blacks by using just words, President Trump has been producing actions that directly benefit blacks.  His efforts will payoff this coming November, mark my words.

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