To Barack Obama on the Booming Economy: “You Didn’t Build That”

President Barack Obama famously asked candidate Donald Trump, “What magic wand do you have?” when speaking about Trump’s plan to revive the economy. Three years into his presidency few argue that the economy isn’t doing well —  and the magic wand is plain for all to see. Photo credit: Fox News.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Here we are, 3 years into the Trump presidency, and the economy is booming. Guess who opens his mouth to take credit for it but ole “shovel ready” himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

The Democrats have had a terrible time coming up with sensible economic programs to challenge President Trump in the upcoming general election, so they trot out the overseer of the worst economic recovery in modern history, former President Barack Hussein Obama to claim that he was responsible for the booming economy.

Yes, Obama did inherit a big economic downturn when he took office, but the policies he pursued in his 8 years in office didn’t create the kind of economy we are now witnessing under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

In his 8 years in office, President Obama never had a year of over 2% GDP, in fact, for his 8 years in office the GDP averaged a paltry 1.8775%. In addition, during those 8 years, he added over 11 million people on the food stamp program (Trump has reduced the number of people on the SNAP program by 6 million), and although the unemployment rate was reduced from 10% to around 5.5% under Obama, it still didn’t create an economic picture that he is now trying to take credit for today. Under Trump the unemployment rate is 3.6%.

Remember, the $787 billion stimulus that President Obama championed to help us out of the recession, well, that was just like throwing money down a rat hole. He also squandered money on “pie in the sky” natural energy projects like Solyndra ($500 million down the drain) and other non-fossil fuel companies that also went belly up after getting federal stimulus money.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Obama said that Trump would be lucky to get beyond a yearly 2% GDP, and that he would need a “magic wand” to bring many of the companies back from overseas that left during Obama’s Administration.

Well, how have all those doom and gloom predictions by Obama turned out during the 3 years of the institution of the Trump policies? Many companies have come back to America because Trump cut the regulations, red tape, and cut corporate taxes, thereby making the business climate more favorable to companies to thrive and prosper than were the business conditions under Obama.

Obama and the Democrats are having a tough time trying to convince the U.S. citizens that they are not doing better under the policies of Trump as compared to Obama’s policies. When the “average Joe” looks at his paycheck and/or 401K, he knows that it was Trump that gave him that extra money, not Barack Obama. The question is, are you better off today than you were 3 years ago?

So, to answer Barack Hussein Obama in his trying to take credit for our booming economy, you’re left with the descriptive phrase, “You can’t polish horse manure” and remember Barack Hussein Obama, “You didn’t build that”, Trump did.

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