Bloomberg Folds Like Cheap Camera on “Stop and Frisk” – Facing Criticism Since Apology Came Right Before Launch of Presidential Campaign

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Contrary to what you read in the newspapers or see on T.V., and from the apology of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (now prospective candidate for president), that using the law enforcement program “stop and frisk,” has saved many lives in the minority communities. Yes, many of the people “stopped and frisked” by the police were mostly minority men, but in those communities, where gun violence is common place, it was effective in getting many of the guns off the street and by getting potential gun users to leave their guns at home for fear of getting their guns confiscated by the police.

This law enforcement technique was shown to be effective in NYC as the gun violence crime rate was cut by two-thirds during both Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg’s terms as mayor of NYC in the late 90’s and early 20’s.

If we didn’t have as many gun murders as we have in the minority communities, we wouldn’t need “stop and frisk” programs. The vast majority of peaceful citizens living in these violent communities, were grateful for the police getting many of the guns off the street. Only when the politicians, who were pandering to get votes by using the term “racist” in these communities in condemning this practice, were law enforcement personnel denigrated as using minority men as targets for harassment.

The reason not many “whites” or “Asians” were “stopped and frisked” was because the people in those communities didn’t fear fellow “whites” and “Asians” who were in possession of guns and using them against those populations. The violent gun crimes were mostly in the minority communities, therefore, that’s where most of the “stop and frisks” took place. As that notorious bank robber Willie Sutton once explained as to why he robbed banks, he said “That’s where the money is”. The same with the police in minority communities, that’s where the crime is.

We were following not race, we were following complaints. In other words, why did we search 70% African-american, African-american males? We did it because 75% of our complaints were of African-american males who committed violent crimes. So who are we supposed to go look for?

– Rudy Giuliani

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The feckless politicians who continue to use “race” as a cudgel against using “stop and frisk” as a meaningful law enforcement tool, are doing the work of the devil. They will say or do anything that might rile up the minority community in order to generate votes for themselves. A perfect example is the pathetic apology by Michael Bloomberg in pandering to the black audiences he has spoken in front of. Instead of pointing out how many lives in the minority communities were saved as a result of “stop and frisk”, he folded like a cheap camera. You could say political expediency ruled the day that Bloomberg caved. If that’s what he has to offer as president, we’re all better without him (as President).

So yes, “stop and frisk” has worked very well in the past and would work well again in the future if only the pandering politicians would keep their “traps” shut or at least mention the benefits of this worthwhile citizen safety program.

“Stop and Frisk” is not a racist tool by law enforcement, it is a well-proven method of reducing violent gun crime in high crime areas.

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