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If I Agreed With Mitt Romney, We’d Both Be Wrong

Prior to the final vote in the impeachment trial of President Trump, Mitt Romney spoke about the reasons for his vote. Romney justified his yes vote claiming his religious faith caused him to find President Trump guilty of Article One of the impeachment. Photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – As a person who eagerly voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, I am totally disappointed in his desire to stab his president in the back over a personal pique. 

This “holier than thou” phony politician, tried to justify his misguided personal animosity toward President Trump by claiming that his religious faith caused him to act the way he did in voting “Yes” to find President Trump guilty of Article One of the impeachment of President Trump that was put forth by House of Representatives.

Ever since he came out with his virulent denunciation of Trump as Trump was running for president, he has shown his jealously about “being a loser” in his quest for president, by throwing all common sense to the wind in pursuit of undercutting a fellow Republican. In his statement about his decision to vote “yes” on impeachment, he used the same terminology as both Schiff and Nadler used in their bogus impeachment hearings. Since he claimed to have studied the evidence of that phone call between Trump and Zelensky, and to come up with the conclusion that Trump was guilty of a “high crime and misdemeanor”, shows that his final decision was personal rather than factual.

To believe the lies put forth by the “Trump haters”, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi, shows that his decision was not based on anything Trump did wrong, but that his personal animosity toward Trump was the deciding factor to justify his decision.

This vote by Romney to “convict” Trump will endear him to the feckless Democrats for the time being, but I’m sure he will be the subject of vilification in the future by the Democrats as was the case when he ran for president in 2012. Remember, he was accused of being a tax cheat, a misogynist, a racist and a myriad of other sins by the Democrats as he challenged Barack Obama for the presidency.  He ran a lousy campaign as he seemed to be always on the defensive instead of challenging the weak administration of Obama.

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Romney was the same person who “kissed the ring” of Donald Trump during his run up to the Republican nomination in 2012, and finally during the actual campaign, in asking for his support, both financially and personally. Didn’t he know the “evil personality” that was Trump, the individual, as be begged for his money and support? Even after his shameless put down of Trump as Trump ran for the office of president, and once Trump was elected, he magnanimously had Romney over to discuss a possible job in his administration. Romney did not get that appointment which I’m sure added to this final display of disloyalty.

Listening to Romney trying to justify his decision was really painful to listen to as a former supporter of his.  If I agreed with what he said, as I said in my headline, we’d both be wrong. The next step for Mitt Romney would be to join the Democrats. Good riddance.

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