After Near 30 Year Disappearance, Palm Beach Detectives Still Seeking to Locate Missing Pregnant Woman, Lurine Bergeron, from 1991

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Lurine Bergeron was only 14 years of age when she went missing on July 1, 1991. She was believed to have been last seen in the West Palm Beach area. At the time of her disappearance she had been a habitual runaway and known to date older Hispanic men. She was also believed to be 3 to 4 months pregnant when she disappeared. 

When last seen, Lurine was described as having brown hair and green eyes. She stood 5’05” in height and approximately 150 lbs., in weight. Clothing description is unknown. She was a nail biter and had scars on her legs, arms, abdomen and a surgical scar on the left side of her head, near her ear, from an automobile accident injury where a surgeon had cut her scalp for brain swelling. 

Lurine Bergeron’s mother and sister have submitted Biometric DNA Family Reference Samples to the UNT Center for Human Identification for comparison to other unidentified human remains cases. So far Lurine has not been located. 

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