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Liberals Turn Common Sense Into Nonsense

Bernie Sanders, one of the most outspoken liberals is promising voters a lot of free stuff, but, of course, somebody has to pay for all those freebies. A new poll reported in Breitbart found that the more socialist the candidate, the better the poll numbers with this college-age crowd.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – If you listen to today’s liberal politicians and their flunky’s in the main stream media, you wonder where their common sense has gone – it seems their once common sense has morphed into nonsense.

A good example are the thoughts and policies put forth by the Democrat candidates for president and some of the movers and shakers in the rank and file of the Democrat Party itself. You wonder, do they really believe what they say or are they just mouthing what they think the Democrat base wants to hear? To any intelligent person, it is just pure nonsense to spout such platitudes promising voters something for nothing, which seems to be the major promise they are making in hopes of enticing the voters to vote for them.

Let’s go down the list of what the Democrats are professing to believe in.  Free college for all and the paying off of the students debt; Medicare for all, including for illegal aliens; no border walls to stem the flow of illegals into our country and the same with the amount of deadly drugs smuggled in; doing away with the Trump tax cuts and the imposition of a 70% income tax on successful wealthy citizens; mandating the introduction of “green energy” in place of fossil fuels; trying to impeach a sitting president who has committed no high crimes and misdemeanors only for purely political purposes; and on and on. You wonder, do they really believe that the general public will fall for their “snake oil”? That isn’t common sense, it is nonsense.

In addition, their policies mirror many of the ideas out of the Karl Marx playbook. Many in the Democrat Party really think that socialism is the preferred economic system we should follow in place of our tried and true capitalist system. To justify their warped thoughts, they throw out the nice sounding word “fairness” that drips off their lips as if they think everyone should be equal regardless of what they contribute to society. That mentality sort of makes everyone fall into the mediocre category as the incentive to succeed is frowned upon. Is that really fair, or is that the nonsense I was referring to in my headline of this editorial.

The left-wing liberal who preach that socialism is the preferred economic system, never seem to mention or point out where, when or what country socialism has succeeded. On the other hand, people with common sense can point out the economic “basket cases” like Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, the former Soviet Union, and most Muslim countries in the Middle East and most countries in Africa. Some of those countries that have embraced Marxism/Socialism, were once very successful economically until they embraced the socialist economic model. In South America, both Venezuela and Argentina fall into the category of being endowed with great wealth, but after falling into the hands of rulers who embraced socialism, their economies, consequently, went into the tank.

So when you hear the liberal politicians promise outrageous ideas of you getting something for nothing, you should remember that old saying of “there is no such thing as a free lunch” as the liberals try to turn common sense into nonsense.

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