Lake Worth Man, Sergio Quintero, Charged with Attempted Murder In Home Invasion, Stabbing Incident; Victim Suffering from Multiple Stab Wounds


LAKE WORTH, FL – A Lake Worth man is in custody after police responded to a residence at the 7700 block of Rockport Circle, late Friday night at approximately 11:30 PM.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, Sergio Quintero, 61, entered a victims residence through an unlocked front door. An altercation quickly occurred between the suspect and the victim resulting in the suspect grabbing kitchen knives and attacking the victim. The victim called 911 and during the incident, the suspect, took the phone advising the 911 operator that everything was fine and attempted to cancel the call.

Minutes later, deputies arrived discovering Quintero was attempting to discard evidence out the back door. Quintero attempted to run back into the house where deputies took him into custody. Deputies entered the residence to discover the victim suffering from multiple stab and slash wounds. The victim was transported to a local hospital and listed in serious but stable condition.

The name of victim and a reason for the altercation was not released and there was no indication whether the two knew each other or not. According to the Palm Beach Post, Circuit Judge Laura Johnson ordered Sergio Quintero held without bond Sunday morning.

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