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When is “Oversight” Really “Overkill”?

President Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2019, where the majority of Iowa Republicans said they plan on voting for President Trump in 2020. Even before President Trump was elected (by a majority in the Electoral College), the anti-Trumper’s were working overtime in trying to tear down his campaign. Photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The U.S. Constitution gives the right to Congress to do “oversight” on the Executive Branch of government, but when doing that job, it should be for a legislative reason and not for vindictiveness, like what the Congress has being doing since President Trump took office, and even before he was elected.

Should any sitting president, Republican or Democrat, be harassed continuously by an opposing party that wants him removed from office, for no valid reason other than that he won the office of president when he wasn’t supposed to win? Not only has the president been harassed, but so has his immediate family, his cabinet members, and his office staff and political supporters. These vicious actions by his detractors are “overkill” and totally irrational. Is this what Congressional “oversight” is supposed to do?

Even before President Trump was elected (by a majority in the Electoral College), the anti-Trumper’s were working overtime in trying to tear down his campaign, which has continued after he was elected, to have him removed from office.

It is amazing, that with all the vituperation and slander against President Trump by the Democrats and their flunky’s in the “main stream media”, that he has accomplished what he said he would do if elected (promises made, promises kept). In his 3 plus years, his policies, which have been resisted to and ridiculed by his detractors, have resulted in a booming economy; historically low unemployment rates, especially in the black, Latino, Asian, and female communities; a booming stock market with relatively low inflation; rising wages, especially in the low wage sector; more favorable trade agreements (ex: with So. Korea, Japan, and Mexico and Canada, and hopefully with China and Great Britain in the future); and rising consumer confidence. Do his political opponents give him any credit for these accomplishments? Of course not, all they do for him is to initiate one investigation after another, in hopes of driving him out of office.

What benefit to the country is this all encompassing campaign to harass and vilify a sitting president, whom they dislike with a passion? What meaningful pieces of legislation have the majority of Democrats in the House, passed for the benefit of the citizens of the United States? It seems their only effort is to smear and harass President Trump, and to hell with the rest of the country.

Think of how much more could be accomplished if the Democrats, and the anti-Trumper’s, didn’t waste so much time and effort in trying to unseat a legally elected president? We have a “border crisis”, as we are being “invaded” by hordes of people trying to enter our country illegally, which the Democrats ignore; we have an infrastructure problem, which the Democrats refuse to work with Trump on; we have an “Opioid” crisis which should take priority over petty differences between Trump and the Congress, which the Democrats ignore; but we have a group of Democrat legislators who spend almost all their time and effort to make President Trump’s time be taken up by having to answer one false charge after another.

So yes, the Constitution says that the Congress should have “oversight” over the Executive Branch, but it must be done for the purpose of holding the executive branches “feet to the fire” for a real or supposed wrongdoing, not for making up phony charges that are motivated by personal animus toward the president.


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