We Elected a Leader Not a Pope

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Should President Trump be judged upon his personality and his personal peccadillo’s, or should he be judged on his performance in the oval office?  Photo: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Should President Trump be judged upon his personality and his personal peccadillo’s, or should he be judged on his performance in the oval office? The main chant by his detractors is that he doesn’t act presidential and is sometimes crude in his language, and that he is a braggart, a bully and a prevaricator (imagine any politician using those words on another politician?). Those criticisms might be true in some sense, but does that really affect the policies that he presents and institutes in order to “Make America Great Again”?

Since his inauguration, what have been his accomplishments?  Do his detractors, mainly the “Never-Trumper’s” (especially even some Republicans) agree with his appointment of Judge Neal Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to fill the seat of Justice Kennedy; do they agree with his tax cuts whereby both rich and poor get a tax break; do they agree with the unparalleled boom in our stock markets and the lowest unemployment rates in decades; do they approve of his approval of the Keystone pipeline and his opening up of ANWR for future oil exploration; do they agree with his voiding of the business killing regulations that has hampered businesses for years; do they agree with his outreach to some of our international adversaries in China, North Korea, and Russia in trying to avoid the next World War III; do they agree with his trying to crackdown on halting the flow of illegal aliens into our country, etc., etc.? Most likely the answer to these policies should be positive, but still they criticize him with over the top rhetoric, not about his policies, but against his personality and demeanor. This reminds me of an analogy of choosing a surgeon for a serious operation. Would you choose an experienced surgeon, with a lousy demeanor and a poor bedside manner, or would you choose a pleasant, friendly, inexperienced surgeon with a pleasant bedside manner? I’ll bet the majority would choose the gruff surgeon, right? The same should be applied to President Trump in carrying out of his duties as the chief executive officer and the commander in chief of the United States.  Remember, he is not your usual politician, he says what he means and means what he says. Can you say that about most politicians?

This compulsive desire on the part of the Democrats and their flunky’s in the news media (90% of all mention of Trump is negative), to hamper President Trump in anyway possible, is a stain on the country as a whole.  Most of the vitriol against President Trump is based on extreme emotion rooted in the fact that they cannot accept the fact that he beat their anointed queen, Hillary Clinton, against all odds and all polls.  From the beginning, the Democrats have instituted a “total resistance” plan to try to bring down President Trump and his administration, but the more “crazy” they act the higher President Trump’s approval poll numbers go up.

So, the personal attacks against the president seems to be discounted by most “sane” people in determining what is best for them and their families.  He is flawed like all of us, including other recent presidents like John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, so these sanctimonious hypocrites who condemn the president personally, should be thankful that he is the president and not Hillary Clinton, who was primed to continue the failed polices of President Obama.

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We elected a leader, not a Pope!

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