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Remember, When Only ‘Seconds’ Count, Police Are Just ‘Minutes’ Away

While “gun grabbers” blame patriotic members of the NRA for various gun crimes reported in the media, how many of the perpetrators belonged to the NRA or other peaceful gun organizations? File photo: Pixabay.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That absolute fact is seldom or never taken into consideration when the “gun grabbers” or the anti-gun zealots make their plea to confiscate guns from the law abiding public. Think of all the times law abiding citizens (gun owners) have defended themselves and/or their families by using their legal firearms to thwart a possible or real personal attack. The “fake news media”, who are near universally opposed to gun ownership, very seldom report on those instances of self-defense as it does not fit their narrative of ‘most all guns are bad’ and that the patriotic NRA (National Rifle Association) is an “evil” organization that should be denied existence.

Let’s look at the facts. Most mass killings and individual killings are performed in places called “gun free zones” (schools, malls, theaters, and other public places where people gather) where the victims cannot defend themselves from harm of a crazed individual(s) who is wanton to do his/her dirty deed. Legally armed public citizens cannot prevent all such instances, but they could mitigate the damage done by a perpetrator(s) bent on personal destruction by using a firearm, or other lethal weapons like a knife, machete etc.

The people who blame guns instead of the person who uses that instrument to do harm to others, are emotionally blind to the happenings in the real world. A gun (whether a handgun or a rifle) cannot perform without the assistance of a person behind the firearm pulling the trigger. It should be the person pulling the trigger that should be the focus of authorities, not the legal gun owner who never, or seldom, uses his firearm to do harm to the community.

The “gun grabbers” blame the patriotic members of the NRA as being the culprit in the various gun crimes committed in the United States that are hysterically reported in the media. In all these terrible instances of gun violence, how many of the perpetrators belonged to the NRA or other peaceful gun organizations? Would the answer be close to none?

I personally, do not own a firearm (I did have a “Red Ryder” B-B gun as a youth), but I would welcome a legal gun owner to be present in my company if or when a crazed individual decided to shoot at innocent people, including myself, in a venue I was attending.

I don’t naively claim that an armed individual would prevent all gun crimes, but I do, again, claim that legally armed gun owners could lessen the damage done by one or more individuals bent on creating death or havoc upon innocent people by using a gun or other lethal weapon. In the main, the police and law enforcement agencies do a commendable job in protecting us from harm, even with the obstacles thrown up against them by feckless politicians, but as the headline of this article states, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. A legally armed citizen could close that gap in response to confronting that criminal, by using his legal firearm before the police arrived.

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