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He Fights For America

President Trump as he held a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire at the SNHU Arena where he talked about such issues as the U.S.-Mexico border, the economy, China, and gun laws. Photo credit: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Yes, I’m referring to our President Donald J. Trump.  Trump can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be undignified at times. I don’t care. I can’t spare this man for an alternative because he FIGHTS FOR AMERICA.

Some people say they won’t vote for him because of his personality and manners, but should that be a valid reason to vote against him? As an answer to those who will use that reason for not voting for him, think of this. Suppose you had a life-threatening medical problem. You had a choice of two doctors who could perform that serious operation and possibly save your life. One of the doctors was a charming person with a terrific bedside manner who had just limited experience in treating your medical problem.  On the other hand, you had a doctor who had a gruff personality with a bedside manner that could be considered not friendly, but had a reputation of being a competent and highly knowledgeable doctor in treating your kind of medical problem. The question is – who would you choose to perform that life-saving operation? It should be a no-brainer as to which doctor you should choose. The same with our Chief Executive and Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump. He might portray all those negative personality traits mentioned above, but he has delivered big time on the economic front and in our foreign affairs. I have never had it so good, and it should be the determining factor for the rest of you as to whether or not he should be re-elected as President of the United States.

President Trump has endured 3 years of perpetual harassment and undermining of his administration by the feckless Democrats and their toady’s in the “fake news media”. Who would have thought he’d accomplish so much with such vilification heaped upon him and his administration?

Here’s partial list of what this president has accomplished over the past 3 years.

    * He signed into law the biggest tax cut and reform measure in our country’s history, which benefited over 90% of the taxpayers.

  • He had two great “Originalist” judges confirmed to the Supreme Court and over 150 more federal judges to the various appeals and district courts.
    • He has eliminated, by executive order, hundreds of onerous government regulations.
    • He has re-negotiated a number favorable trade agreements with countries that had been ripping us off for years, including So. Korea, Japan, the USMCA (which replaced the awful NAFTA trade agreement), and, in the works, trade deals with China and the United Kingdom.
    • He has opened up areas, that were previously off limits, for the exploration for new sources of energy which has made us an energy exporting country rather than an energy importing country.
    • His economic policies have produced a tremendous boost to our stock markets which have reached all-time new highs, and he has reduced the number of people receiving food stamps, and the unemployment rate, for all sectors of our population, has reached an all-time low.
    • On the international front, he has recognized the City of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel after previous presidents couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Ditto with the Golan Heights.

The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the message.

Our President Donald J. Trump, with all his warts, has been a terrific leader for all our citizens. He deserves to be re-elected come November 2020, because he FIGHTS FOR AMERICA, which means he fights for you and me.

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